95 gr Ballistic tip or 100 gr Partition for deer out of the 243?


May 13, 2020
Which would you all suggest for deer out of the 243? I have never used the 95 gr ballistic tip but have used the 120 gr in 7mm and love the results. I have used the Partition in 243 and killed deer dead just did not get the blood trail I wanted. Any suggestions from first hand experience is appreciated.
You didn't mention it, but the 90gr E-tip is really good as well. More weight retention and penetration than a 100gr Partition I would guess. I wouldn't be afraid to use a 95gr ballistic tip on deer though either.
KY- I will be the dissenting voice I guess. I suppose that my experience dosent really relate being in .25 Cal. from my 250-3000 savage. However, if you look at the numbers, The 243 really isnt that much faster than my 250 Savage with 100 gr BT. I've punched a BT through both sides of of several antelope at ranges between 100 and 260 yards. If you are talking ranges under 100 yds then maybe something tougher is in order, but Ive had good luck w/ a BT. Havent had any "on game" exp. with them but Winchester loads a 95 grain "XP" bullet in there "Deer season XP" line. What you wanna bet thats a BT? They shoot well in my 243. You cant go wrong with any of the suggestions above, though. CL
Supposedly the 95 BT is a pretty tough little bullet, but I cannot verify that from first-hand experience. I have some to be loaded in 6mm but never hunted with them.

Here is a picture I took 4-5 yrs ago of some sectioned .243 bullets. Old enough that it was stored in photobucket and they have their logo over it since I no longer use that service. You can see in the photo the BT has quite a heavy base compared to the others. Not an endorsement since I haven't used them, but just an observation.

From left to right.

1. Sierra GameKing 85gr HPBT

2. Hornady 87gr HPBT

3. Sierra GameKing 100gr Spitzer Boat Tail

4. Hornady 100gr Interlock Flat Base

5. Nosler 95gr Ballistic Tip

We have been using 243 with both bullets for many years. If in heavy cover lean towards the PT, For everything else either one is fine. I personally use the 95 BT in mine. The 95BT has a tapered jacket. Look at the photo. It mushrooms and hangs together surprisingly well.
I've been very pleased with it.
I have used both. On the range of game they are meant for they work great. My latest load has been with the 100 gr Partition.

Worked great for my Buddy Tony and my nephew Mano---respectively.



Both taken with the Savage Axis with Athlon 2-12 BTR scope.
I probably should have mentioned that the rifle used for this application with be a youth model with an 18 inch barrel so velocity probably will not get to 3000 fps. All shots will be in a food plot that has the longest shot distance of 95 yards.
Between the 95 gr. BT vs the 100 gr. Nosler PT, the 100 gr. PT wins.

If it were me, I'd also look at a few other optons. I've seen what the 100 gr. Hornady SP does on fairly large Nevada Mule Deer. All were one shot kills. Another bullet I would consider is Nosler's 90 gr. AccuBond. I've always considered a 165 gr, bullet to be a bit light for elk but the one time I had to use one, the elk passed quietly with no fuss nor muss. On shot, a short 30 yard dash and flop, end of story. I plan on using a lot more Accubonds in several calibers as time and money will allow.
Paul B.
I don’t think you can go wrong with either bullet. I shot all my deer with the 243 with 85 and 100gr Sierra gamekings. The vast majority with the 100gr.
I have used the 95 gr bt in the 6mm rem. a bunch, they shoot well, and deliver excellent terminal performance on a bunch of deer to 403 yards, and one 200# bear at 190 yards.