95 gr Ballistic tip or 100 gr Partition for deer out of the 243?


Feb 13, 2016
Both will work just fine for deer. I have used the 120 BT out of a 6.5 Creed at 3025 fps at 100 to 210 yards, complete pass through double lunged. I have used Ballistic Tips for deer more for hunting than any other game bullet with different rifles. Just purchased a stash of 120 BT at MidSouth Shooters Supply.
The Partition is a great bullet too. Back in the 90's, I once shot a nilgai with a 140 Partition with a 7 STW, the tough critter was facing me, and the 140 Partition hit him in the chest, and dropped him so fast. I never seen one drop like that and it destroyed the heart and lungs.
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Nov 5, 2015
I have used both. My first choice would be the 100gr PT. Always dropped the deer. Got good exit wound and internal damage. If I was using a 243 again this would be my go-to bullet. Dan.


May 16, 2016

I haven't used the PT, but I've killed a buck and doe with the 95 BT in my .243. Both were 1-shot kills (on the same day); doe was about a 50yd shot, DRT; buck was about a 75yd shot, and ran about 50yd. The bullet didn't shoot thru the buck, so not much blood from the wound. But after he went a little way, he was spraying from nose and mouth pretty good.

Excellent accuracy from this bullet, as well.

Other bullets that I have used well in this cartridge are the Sierra 100gr GameKing SP and the 85gr GKHP. In fact, I used the 85gr to take the nice 10pt last fall, DRT.

Here's the buck I killed with the 95 BT.



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Mar 6, 2017
"and the 85gr GKHP. In fact, I used the 85gr to take the nice 10pt last fall, DRT."

Tis a great little bullet. Reliably opens up like a good controlled expansion bullet of a softer nature, but honestly penetrates more in line with a premium bullet. It's a really good match for the 243 or 6mm. In todays world you shoot what you got and just about any will work, but I certainly wouldn't pass this bullet up if it's in my stash. A couple 6mm's I tested with it really like 47.5 gr's of IMR 4831.

Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
John and I have done real well with the 95 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip from the 6mm Remington on mule deer near and far.

Not a doggone thing wrong with the 100 grain Partition though. That would likely be my first choice if I knew ranges were going to be short.