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Perfect Resturant for lunch.



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Yeah, but did you get any moose to respond to your call? :mrgreen: I like the restaurant. (y)
Glad you enjoyed your trip out west Dan! Nice pics!

Saw some more of God's country, saw some goats, ate some blueberries and got to be on the side of the mountain, hopefully without too many white knuckle moments!

And steep? Yep, those coastal mountains tend to be steeper than those we ascended to look at the goats by Tumbler Ridge last year! Kudos to you on making as far as you did! I know other flat landers that just turned pale and slumped over when looking at them thar hills!

DrMike will have to give you another lesson in moose calling! He tends to tuck his chin in and keep his hat on straight when calling in lovesick Bulls. Looks suspiciously like his "navel inspection", but has that unmistakeable low moan and rumble that goes with it! :lol:
Thanks Gil, I am sure looking forward to your up coming trip with your lovely wife & Mike. Please remember we will need lots of photographs & I am quite certain that you will have an adventure or 2 for us as well.
Please remember have Fun, Shoot straight & most of all be Safe.

I missed seeing this till now Dan, here are a few pictures that I have.

We did see some goats on the mountain on the left of this picture.

It is always refreshing to spend time in the mountains. Lovely photos, Gerry. Thanks for posting.
gerry those photos are beautiful (y)!!
Thank you for sharing them my friend.