Air Gun Hunting?


Apr 5, 2014
I know this is the Nosler site but just curious if anybody on here has done any hunting with an air gun?
So far all I’ve taken with mine are squirrels but wouldn’t hesitate to try for something bigger with the 25 or 30 caliber.
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My Dad, kids and I just shot a ton of iguanas in Puerto Rico a few months ago with FX Dreamline .25 cal airguns that they supplied. I've also shot them in Florida with a Umarex .22. I haven't shot anything big with my Benjamin Kratos .25, FX Impact .35, or Airforce Texan .45 yet. I also have a Umarex Airsaber. I was hoping the kids would get to try one out on a turkey this year but their soccer/football schedule was brutal this spring. When had a game or tournament during all of turkey season.
I have an old Stoeger Springer I’ve used a couple times for squirrels. As a kid we got quite adept at ridding the yard of starlings with a Daisy 880. Been thinking about one of the modern high power rifles to get in some cheap target shooting and maybe small game.