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Apr 17, 2020
Well, being a gunsmithing student, I couldn't just leave the gunsmithing topic empty. For anyone here who may be interested in gunsmithing for personal projects or as a profession but don't know how to learn without having to go to a college, which is sub-par most of the time with few exceptions anyway, I can suggest from personal experience, taking courses from the American Gunsmithing Institute. They are a great group of people with absolutely top notch instructors, including Master Gunsmith Robert "Bob" Dunlap. They also have good courses covering machine shop and welding, which are both obviously very applicable skills to a gunsmith. If you want to learn from the best, they are the place to go, check them out.

No, I have not. My experience is very little as of now, I have only started learning relatively recently. I am most knowledgeable about AR-15's and not a ton outside of that yet.
I got some good out of the AGI video on Win 1897 shotguns, 22 years ago.
He is still alive?
Unfortunately no, Bob passed away a few years back, but he is still featured in much of the Professional Level courses as well as scattered other courses.
I have a number of AGI's VHS & DVD videos. They are an excellent resource for the DIYer.
Hi there! Glad to be here.

Let me tell you about my experience. My elder brother is looking for some online basic courses about the gun shooting to start his verbal training and he has already completed one basic gun shooting course online from discount code Preply when they were providing discount code Preply courses. He completed his basic course, and now he was trying to find the advanced course. Recently, he applied to the American Gunsmithing Institute and is waiting for a response.
It is often just enough to take some courses to get a profession or develop in your favorite direction. Nowadays, you don't need to go to college or university to spend several years studying. Young people are very skeptical about higher education nowadays. Of course, this does not apply to professions such as teacher, doctor, and all the essential workers. Moreover, you can never stop developing in these fields. I graduated from the diagnostic medical sonography school. Although I received a lot of knowledge and skills there, I continue to learn something new every day and improve my knowledge.
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I looked into AGI some years ago for doing personal projects. In the end, I didn't pursue it, but I was very impressed by the level of information. I could easily see it becoming a case of drinking from a fire hose, and I mean that in a good way.