Another beauty inbound.

My envy gauge just went off the charts!! Super cool! I believe the hardware store in town may have a box of .405’s, I will check tomorrow night!
Nice snag there Fotis. Good luck on your brass and ammo search , didn’t see much out there.
That is so cool! I was just looking at the same rifle, one they have at the LGS, Scrolled thru the posts on here this weekend and searched for brass and ammo, decided I'd maybe go for a 45-70 instead. But now I am interested in what you come up with.
The 405 is a very cool, and powerful round.
Congrats Fotis.

JD338 I briefly owned a .405 Win Rem Rolling block...lucky estate sale find. I was talked out of it and needed the money more than a hard hitting single shot. In the time I owned it, I discovered that brass can be formed from 9,3x74R. Didn't get into the specifics before I sold it, but THAT brass is in stock, as linked above. Edit: I never did get to the point of forming brass from 9.3x74R, was only in the "research" phase. I did reload a few of the fired Kynoch brass that came with it on the ancient Ideal dies purchased with the rifle using a .41 Mag 215 cast bullet and a light charge of Unique for some pleasant plinking.
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A friend of mine has the same rifle. I got the chance to shoot it and all I can say is "WOW"!
His loads were with hard cast bullets but I had looked into it and Winchester had a factory load offering.
It's an awesome rifle for sure.

If anybody sees brass or loaded ammunition please let me know