Anyone need a furnace repaired?


Dec 26, 2016
Went to in-laws as a new furnace installation gone side ways has had them without heat for 2 weeks. A couple “company” recommended people gave up.

I get daily reports from my bride and keep out of it.

Finally could not resist.

It’s an older house converted from 2 prong to 3 prong. First problem I found was hot neutral reversed in the wall plug in utility room. Made me really unhappy. That plug has been running a old furnace and the current water pump. Hmmm how does this happen? Plug followed conventional wiring, but it must be backwards at the power panel or somewhere it’s split off a 220 line and they cross wired it…

Told him. Don’t know hate to fix the plug. Instead I installed a new box wired correctly and left the pump alone( anyone know enough about submersible pumps? If I flipped hot and neutral would the pump still work?)

Next problem was wiring in the furnace didn’t match the schematic. Basically the factory bypassed the thermostat for testing? But didn’t undo the bypass?? so after two repair guys struck out, I read the instructions and got it working in 2 hours with 1 hour convincing my FIL I had to change the wires to make the thermostat serial with the safety shutoff.. was wired parallel …
He was very nervous about me changing it and very happy when it cycled on then off.

I think I’m getting a good Christmas present this year…

For an elk hunt I could do a house call…

He picked up a bear hunt a few years back for me…


Need to unwind and go get some sleep

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Nov 8, 2006
Excellent! It is the little things that are easiest to overlook. Glad you were able to sort through the issue and get the furnace working again.