Anyone tried the 220 ELD-X in the 300 RUM?

I have one of the wheeler torque wrenches, but my other brother had it at his house. He was at work yesterday. He maybe thinking about selling the RUM now, just because it is completely unnecessary for shooting the Northeast MS deer lol. Our farthest shot where we hunt is about 300 yards or so. I have shot the rifle with factory loads in 180 grain, and it was tolerable. But those loads yesterday beat the crap out of me. He was doing the load development from a lead sled( which may have helped cause the scope issues but not sure) I told him I was gonna shoot it off of bags, well I will NOT make that mistake again haha.

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Light rifles im 300 rum hurt. Plain and simple. Muzzle break is necessary. I did just have an opportunity to buy a rem 700 long range in 300 rum brand new but passed because of the weight of it. 14 lbs unscoped!
My go to rifle is a lightened 700 in 300 RUM. 7 pounds 11 oz scoped and slung. No brake, I don't find it unmanageable, brisk but not that bad. It does have a nice soft decelerator pad.

It's twin the 7 pound 10 oz 375 RUM on the other hand was a handful. Sans scope it was 6 pounds 4 oz, and just plain brutal. It now wears a vias brake. The lightweight synthetic stick didn't hold up and it now has a wood stock. At closer to 8 1/2 pounds now it's a little nicer to shoot.

Make sure they fit your LOP and that your getting a good cheek weld. That helps a lot.

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It really wasn't too bad with the factory 180's, but those 220's with a stout charge of RL33 was pretty rough lol

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I tried the 200 ELD-x out of my RUM this year (1/11" twist so 212-220s won't work). Same charge of Retumbo as 200 AB.

Accuracy was exceptional but the bullets grenaded at 300+ and 400+ yds on small bulls. DOA but wasn't impressed with the penetration compared to 200AB.
I'm loading my Warbird with the 212's ELD-X bullet that is. I get a velocity of 3120 and use a 1/10 twist to stabilize them. They prefer a .035" jump fyi.. the performance so far has been great! Groups are a dime size at 200 yards and on an elk it pounded it! Had a massive wound channel, no exit wound on two hits.

First shot hit a tree and the bullet impacted sideways and ended in the back strap. Second shot laid him down hard! No exit wound, just a bloody mess. We had to scrap that front leg!

All using Retumbo and H1000 loads.

That's the entrance wound.

Second shot

My wife thinks I only have 3 guns