like always they use the same cups to form the same caliber bullets, a 7mm 120 is not stretched as far as a 150 so the jacket is a bit thicker. its always been that way
todays ballistic tips in big game hunting weights that are packed 50 per box are the exact same makeup as the nosler solid base boat tails with the exception of the nylon vs. a lead tip.
Chub Eastman, Layne Simpson and Steve Timm would not agree.
use the Hornady A-Tips for hunting? thinking about trying the 338 300 gr A-Tips for long range deer hunting, with a BC of .86 they should shoot pretty flat
I have heard mixed results from the LR hunting folks with A-Tips.
I have not used any A-Tips for game.
I have had great success with A-Max's and ELD-M's on antelope, deer and hogs (Prairie dogs too...but they are kind of small 😁 )
Certain Match Bullets Work Great on big game...I don't recommend them for all big game though.
Hornady made TAP ammo in 308 Winchester (168 A-Max and now the 168 ELD-M) for hunting two-legged critters. I promise you, it is effective.
I have seen it punch through windshield glass (At the typical angle) at 100 yards and still do it's job after that.
Besides the quality of the weapon/load/shooter, it all comes down to the impact velocity of that specific bullet-Will it open up and perform at XYZ impact velocity? If that bullet performs well on tissue in that velocity range, you are golden.

I know the 285 grain ELD-M works good on deer and hogs as well. Not as good BC - .789, but not everything is about BC
Says it should start out around 2745 fps out of a 24" barrel

The larger caliber helps in itself some.
I would probably go for a intentional shoulder shot to create more havoc internally-fragmenting bone destroys tissue too.
The ethics question is for each person, the way I see it.
I know of "slob hunters" with every weapon choice and distance option available.

If, I am convinced that I am going to kill that game animal, whether he is at 150 yards or 1150 yards (and I have cartridge/bullet combo designed for it)...Respiratory pause & send it.
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500gr A-tip out of my 416 Wby in 2021. 1/4ing shot exited just behind right front shoulder. Lungs were mush. 185yds and no fragmenting of bullet.
Will people never learn?! You keep rolling out into the forests and fields, pursuing game with woefully underpowered firearms, using target bullets that are at best “lightweight“ for the game pursued. And then! Then! Taking a less than ideal shot! At least give the animal the respect of delivering a humane end. Good god have you no shame!?

Wait, whoops, I think I have the wrong post. My bad. :LOL: