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Dec 11, 2010
I get this newsletter and Dr Piazza makes some very interesting points. I get it as an E-mail so there's no link.
Paul B.

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Paul,

Since the day after the Columbine shooting in 1999, I have been publically advocating two solutions to protect our children from mass murder.

Initially my two solutions were taken as being too radical and self-promoting, even though I offered to back my solutions with my wallet and train every teacher on my dime, free of charge.

Well, a dozen school shooting later, the most horrific of those being the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, my solutions are now being championed by law enforcement, legislators, and everyone who can look at the situation in a rational and intellectual manner.

Since 1999 I have said the solution to STOP school shootings is a two pronged attack...

Arm and train teachers and school administrators to be the first line of defense against lunatics bent on murdering our school children.
Ban the prescription of psychiatric drugs that are the root cause of the homicidal and suicidal acts of kids and adults alike, as evidenced by the fact that prior to the creation and mass distribution of these killer psychiatric drugs, we were a nation of unrestricted gun ownership and had ZERO school and mall shootings.
Due to my persistence in this message, sending out press releases and blogs on a regular basis, combined with the 523,348 rational and reasonable students from all walks of life Front Sight has trained to date, who forward my message to their family and friends, the country is now coming around to recognize that the TRUE cause of school shootings is psych drugs and the only REAL defense to armed attack against school children is immediate armed resistance by school teachers and administrators.

Nothing else will work better than my two pronged approach to deal with the true cause of the violence and provide a real solution to school shootings.

Here are a few samples of my solutions being championed by law enforcement, legislators, and those who can look at the situation in a rational and intellectual manner. ... officials/ ... itics.html ... personnel/ ... =Education ... apons.html ... dgetphase1 ... -Guns.aspx ... th-system/

Experts Say Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Long List of School Shooting Sprees

Watch this video from Citizens Committee on Human Rights. They have done the hard research and now say the same thing I said over 12 years ago...

Then see what Michael Moore, the Darling of the Liberal Left, Anti-Gun Media now has to say about the cause of Columbine. Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists Now Admit Connections Between Psych Drugs and Homicidal and Suicidal Actions of Children and Teens:

Michael and I may never agree about the importance of an armed society to the freedom and protection of law abiding citizens or the fallacy of gun control, but we could be best friends in our efforts to expose the truth about the profit driven history of psych drug prescriptions systematically creating homicidal and suicidal monsters out of our youth in America. In fact, I stand ready and willing to assist Michael Moore in any way possible on such an endeavor.

Even the mainstream media is now seeing the light. Fox National News reporter Douglas Kennedy exposes the link between psychiatric drugs and school shootings:

Why must we as a nation, continue to pay such a steep price in grief and shattered lives for failing to do what is right by allowing our teachers to protect themselves and their children?

When are we going to wake up as a nation and realize that arming and training our teachers is the answer?

And more importantly, when will we acknowledge that Psych Drugs, NOT GUNS, are Doing the Killing!

12 years ago, I asked a very pointed question in a press release sent to the National Wire Service immediately following the killings at Columbine High School.

A few days after the Virginia Tech Massacre, I again asked the same very direct question.

And today, after the Newton Connecticut massacre, I am once again asking the very same pointed question...

I am asking, "How many times must we experience another Littleton, Colorado or Virginia Tech or Newtown Connecticut before we wake up, study the research and adopt policies which actually reduce crime and begin saving our children instead of leaving them helpless victims when the next psych drug user snaps?"

After Columbine, while most journalists and lawmakers focused on whether or not my answer to protecting children by arming teachers was the right solution, it seems everyone missed my understanding of the root cause that drove these kids to commit such atrocities!

The root cause was and continues to be the psych drugs that are being pushed on our children!

In some cases children as young as kindergarten age!

After Columbine, nobody wanted to believe the founder and director of the nation's largest firearms training institute when he pointed his finger at psych drugs as the cause of the problem. During numerous radio, TV and newspaper interviews I would bring it up and it would fall on deaf ears with no reaction at all.

So I spent $300,000 to create a Hollywood produced, award winning DVD entitled Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy.

In "Your Legacy," I interviewed people of age who actually experienced an America when guns were so freely available to children and youth, that you could order them through the mail with no ID required, no waiting period, and literally carry them to school to place in the back of the classroom with no problems at all.

During this time, when guns were the most accessible in our country's entire history, there were no school shootings, drive by shootings, or murderous teenage rampages.

What changed? Here is what changed: Powerful psych drugs were developed and became the profitable, prescription answer to a wide variety of extremely questionable if not outright fabricated mental disorder diagnosis of youth.

Little Johnny doesn't want to go to school? Take this pill...

Little Johnny isn't learning? Take this pill...

Little Johnny feels anxious? Take this pill...

Little Johnny is sad? Take this pill...

Little Johnny is restless? Take this pill...

Little Johnny is rebellious? Take this pill...

And once Little Johnny started taking the brightly colored pills to handle the normal challenges of youth that every prior generation had overcome naturally through the process of social maturity, Little Johnny began the downward spiral of adverse prescription drug side effects leading to multiple prescription, psycho drug cocktails... stronger drugs... physical and psychological dependency... and the now infamous and reoccurring homicidal and suicidal reactions caused by these very powerful, mind bending drugs.

There is a truism I keep posted on the wall above my computer. It reads, "People of integrity expect to be believed. When they are not, they let time prove them right."

Well, unfortunately and tragically in this case, time has proven me right, time and time again! Numerous school shootings over the last several years ALL linked to children and teens under the influence of powerful, prescribed psych drugs!

Psych Drugs, NOT GUNS, Are the Common Deadly Thread in School Shootings!

And now, instead of Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Founder and Director of Front Sight saying, "Its Psych Drugs, Not Guns, Doing the Killing" I am getting assistance in spreading my message from law enforcement to legislators and every person who can look at the situation from a rational and intellectual viewpoint.

Now that people on both sides of the gun control debate agree that psych drugs are creating suicidal and homicidal maniacs out of our youth, the time has come to expose the truth to all of America.

You can help save today's youth from further psych drug abuse and protect America's next generation from the horrors of psych drug prescriptions. It only takes 10% of the population to unite, stand up and say, "No more!" for social movements to succeed. You CAN do something about this!

Simply spread this press release far and wide to all on your lists and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Instead of circulating the latest joke or cartoon of the week, make the entirety of this earth-shattering truth the next e-mail that goes 'round the world'! Don't rely on anyone else to do what you should do. Don't be apathetic.

Take one minute to do the right thing and you will feel great about it for the rest of your life because the future children you save from psych drug addiction or being shot by a psych drugged maniac may be your own children or grandchildren...

Psych Drugs, Not Guns, are Doing the Killing!

Get your free DVD copy of Dr. Ignatius Piazza's, Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy

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