Athlon's New Helios Scopes?

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Dec 22, 2011
Anyone know anything about these new 6x24 Scopes from Athlon?? They look mighty interesting. This new , Zero Stop, Helos model ($550 range) is giving me buck fever! Have been wanting to try a FFP scope for awhile, since I plan on going out to 1000 yds with the 6.5, would also like more power, than the Weaver Tactical.
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After a considerable amount of research, I have found out that these scopes we're " the buzz" at the shotshow in Vegas! Athlon was started by a couple of former Bushnell executives, that felt they could upset the apple cart of the FFP crowd, at the $500 range. From what is posted on the Hide, Optics talk and some others, most of the critics that
We're very sceptical when they were first introduced a year ago, now own one or two!!! They seam to compare them to SIII's and Vortex PST favorably......and optically.
Midway and OP seam to be the two big guns ,carrying them, and looks like they are having trouble keeping them
In stock! The new Helos model,(just shipping now) looks like it may clean up In the $500 price range! I am probably going to order one! And see what the fuss is all about, soposedly it's sorta a Vortex features, with Japanese,Bushnell Elite 6500/Tactical Hunter glass ,but assembled in China......... Outrageous good looking scope with zero stop, super nice reticle either mils, or moa your choice!
Illuminated, 6x24....... Leupold quality warrantee!!! (y)

All kinds of outrageous reviews out there, here is what folks are saying, this is one of Dozens of similar reviews on the Internet on these Athlon scopes:

Unmatched Features and Performance at This Price Point! Highly Recommend! Will Purchase Again
ByD. Landerson November 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Great FFP (Front/First Focal Plane) Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle (with enhanced reticle) 50mm rifle scope at a very affordable cost! Considered and like Vortex but was difficult to justify a scope costing more than the rifle it goes on. Other high end scope manufacturers have better optics, etc. but trading off functionality and practicality this scope has been an unprecedented success at this price point. Most other FFP Mil-Dot scopes are at least 2x the price, and this allows you to estimate target range for objects of known size, all while at any magnification (SFP/Second Focal Plane scopes only offer target range estimation capability at a single magnification). Add a Vortex Defender Flip Scope Cap with your rifle's ballistics/ammo load/bullet type and you can accurately adjust holdover or use the turret adjustments to dial in corrections for windage and elevation/range.

30mm tube, resettable graduated turrets, reticle focus, etc. are other features. Design is fairly compact for a 50mm objective. I also added a sunshade from Athlon, and it works well. It zeroed easily and holds zero, windage and elevation adjustments are accurate. I wish the illuminated reticle scope designs (of all scope manufacturers) would add an auto-off feature, but they typically don't. While hunting it is common to forget to turn off the reticle after a harvest or an unsuccessful hunt.

Just returned home from a successful hunt using it on a large deer. I found this brand after reading several reviews from long range shooting publications who were equally surprised by the features, value and price point. Additionally, those reviews evaluated more than I had time to, they performed box drills to test the repeatability and accuracy of the mil-dot adjustments and the ability to return to zero. Glass is impressively clean and bright, no distortion, and crisp focus. Etched reticles are well done and fine, which prevent blocking view of target features or surroundings. At high magnification the optics are still clear and bright.
I'm sure other high end manufacturers have a better product, but Athlon has disrupted the market with this set of features and performance. Maybe it won't be as robust as high end scopes, but I don't tend to beat my optics or rifle up so I am okay with that for now.
Here is baby brother to Helos, the Argos........$350 range.


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Looks decent E. The only way to really know is to get it and dial it around and see if it responds for you. It isn't a bad deal at all for the 500 dollar mark. Take a look at the SWFA scopes though first. They are about the same money and the few (4) that I have all track as they are supposed to and they are optically very good as well. I don't think you'll get into a 24 power for 500 with them, but their 3-15's and such should allow you to shoot pretty danged far. Very usable reticle and dial as well.

Lots of good choices.
Yep, I have heard nothing but good about SWFA scopes, they seem to like to use them a lot as a comparison " as the cornerstone" to measure others by in a lot of reviews! I have no doubt they are the workhorse of $ 3/400 scopes
That have a proven tract record their dailing system works! :grin:
However these Athlon Helos/Argos models ,are getting such rave Reviews, and offerering FFP, Zero Stop down in this price Range seams pretty awesome! So wanted to bring it out, to some of the boys attention on here, that are possibly looking at Viper PSTs, or Sig III Ffp models, up at the $1000 range...... That there is a new kid in town.
The reviews are indicating these Helos model are right there with them! Optically and in tracking they are holding their own, so it does appear these fellas from Bushnell knew all the right people and how to put it all together.
I my mind they are pretty sexy looking compared to the Vortex, and make the Sightron look like it's out of the 1940's , :lol: Athlon-Optics-HelosBTR-62450-MOA.jpg
So just threw this all out there to see who had noticed them?
A salesman at OP told me on Friday, that since the shotshow they have been swamped with calls for them....... This much I found out already,The
First shipments of them seam to have evaporated!
Earle thank you for the write up (y) I am looking forward to you receiving this new scope and giving a further report once you have had it out to the range a couple of times.