Bear’s new paint can.


Dec 26, 2016
Behr’s Cans., not bear cans(55 gallon drums). Talkin 1 gallon cans.

Just primed some drywall and painted it.

Big surprise, the can was Polypropylene, recycle symbol PP 5.

They clean up really good.
Certainly water tight.

Considering cleaning up a pile of them and using them to store things I want water tight.

Has anyone tried this?

Many of you are super practical and would reuse something vs toss In the trash or recycle.

When we flooded, my wife washed and sanitized lots of brass, bullets, and loaded ammo. Thinking if i had stored in these materials in water tight cans, I could avoid a premature death(my own).

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Primers is a great example. Expensive and several thousand can fit in a can in their OEM packaging unless they are federal.

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