Best Bedding Method for older Mod 77 tang safety .338?


Aug 19, 2012
I'm taking my new to me 338 Tanger to a new to me smith tomorrow for some tweaking ( haven't shot it yet) and want to discuss the bedding with him. The previous owner had bedded it in the recoil lug area and a pad near the fore end tip. Both are just "dollops", not pretty at all. They may be perfect in function but look terrible. I had a 90s MKII in 338 crack in the action recess and don't want this one to crack! So (a) looking for strength and (b) best know for accuracy in these older models? I have read where they do best full length bedded. I'm more comfortable with a free floated barrel but hey...whatever it takes. Any wisdom (options) that I can discuss with the smith tomorrow? Thanks
Bed it like you would any rifle. Just make sure that big lug takes the recoil and the rear of the action and tang have some relief and the mag box doesn't bind. Try it with the barrel floated. If it doesn't shoot the way you want floated I would do the whole channel vice a pad at the end.