Bucket Rifle


May 26, 2012
So as to not derail a thread with a similar title what is your bucket list rifle?

For me it would be a PL Holehan African Hunter in .416 Rigby, left handed action, in a beautiful Bastogne walnut. I would want some scroll work engraving throughout the rifle with inlaid silver.

That’s my dream and I’m sticking to it.

I kind of lucked intp my dream rifle. An Oberndorf Mauser, classic stock chambered to the .35 Whelen. The 24" barrel has a 1 in 14" twist and has been MOA or better with every load I've tried. It gives very tight groups with the 225 gr. TSX and not made the day on the elk that have been taken with that rifle. Got lucky when I found it at a gun show. It fits me like it was made for me.
Paul B.
Vince, this is a much better thread idea than mine! You should’ve just hikacked my thread!

As no doubt many of you, I tend to have a bucket “list” of guns, with several entries. As its kinda long, I will post just a few.

Here are some of the front runners:

Mauser Sporter 7x57mm Mauser

Winchester 1895 in .30 US Army

Husqvarna Mauser 9.3x62mm

Winchester Model 70 Pre64 in .220 Swift

.22 Hornet
In the early 2000's Tikka made a sub-series of their T-3 rifles called a Big Boar. It had a full length stock with a 19 inch barrel. 308 Win, 30-06, and 300 WSM were the only chamberings. I have been able to find a 300 WSM and a 30-06 but would like to find a 308 to complete the set. I have checked gun shops as well as Gunbroker and other sites regularly but have never seen one.

It was going to be a Weatherby Mk V 270 Weatherby mag and just about the time I was going to pull the trigger the 6.8 Western came out. If they made a 270 Bee with a fast twist I would be very interested in it, they probably won't though. Now that they are offering the 6 lug action in left hand I have kind of lost interest in the heavier 9 lug guns.
Cartridges of interest? Maybe the 6.5 RPM or 280 AI. If they make a 277 RPM or 308 RPM one of those would be at the top. I do like the short barreled 338 RPM models but would prefer a smaller round in the same configuration. Honestly if they made a 30-06 like that I would be all over one of those too.
Man I'd have quite a list really. It would all depend on what strikes me at the moment. Some guns you run across and it's like they were sitting there waiting on you.

I suppose if a person is gonna dream it would be a Griffin Howe in 250 Savage or 35 Remington. Seen them both. Don't recall the exact prices for either, but it was steep.