Bullet Wish List 2018

Just like to see them make some I use. When I was looking for 338 bullets I had to consider buying other brands till I lucked into a weight my rifle would shoot and they did a run on them.
I think this year I'll be experimenting with other brands that are readily available and not sold out all the time.
1. Make it easier to find the 260 gr .375" AccuBond. They've been in short supply for quite a while now...

2. How about a .375" E-Tip?
.416 350 gr AB
.458 300 gr PT
.257 115 gr ABLR
I would like to see a heavier 358 AB as well, with a PP to eliminate OAL/Mag Box issues.
Blkram said:
.375 220 gr Partition for 375 Win and tubular magazine lever actions
.410 240 gr Partition
.416 350 gr AB

I'll second that 220 grain for my .375 Win. And since they are going to make that, how about one for the .348 and bring back the 300 grain for the .45-70/.450 crowd.
How about an E tip, a stout jacketed BT, and an AccuBond LR in the heavier range designed for fast twist .22 bores? Not something I would use personally, but there is definitely a market for a small deer/hog bullet in this niche. Swift did beat them to it, but Nosler could do it well.

I would also like to see a redesign of the 80 gr CC. As produced by Nosler, these do not fly with the 80 Sierra or the Hornady ELX designs. Based on real world firing, they are comparable in trajectory to the 75 Hornady HPBT at 600 yards. Also had some issues with them randomly destabilizing or crossing the singularity occasionally. I don't miss on a center-10 call, but the bullets did LOL.
I'm a little surprised there hasn't been a .243" long range AccuBond yet.

I'd still like to see a .308" 200 grain ballistic tip. The 200 AccuBond is the only bullet I've tried that my 30-06 consistently shoots well, and 2700 fps doesn't require a bonded bullet. I also really like the green tips, as silly as that may be...

Edit to add: I know my wish won't ever come true because most people shooting 200 grain .308" bullets are probably shooting them in magnums and appreciate the bonded construction, and I doubt that the demand for 200 grain .308" bullets in general is very high at all, let alone high enough for Nosler to expand their line further than their current offerings. But I sure do like those green tips...
Do the mods know when we might hear about any new bullets? After SHOT Show?