Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod Magnum & Lee Precision Service


Sep 21, 2012
Not being able to do much walking after surgery for our upcoming deer season plus the fact that it's going to take time to get much strength in my low back (needed for most hunting shots) I picked up a Caldwell Fieldpod and thought I'd give a short review. I'll probably add more as I use it more in actual hunting situations.

I bought the Magnum, the heaviest of their fieldpods for my 700 Varmint 6mm Remington, wanting all the support I could get for that heavy beast and to give me added stability for longer ranges since I'm sitting much further from where deer are expected to be (Har Har!).

It is indeed HEAVY, every bit as much as my 700 Varmint rig and I'd guess a lb more or so. It does fold down and those able can carry it on one shoulder with the included strap. I'm dragging the whole smear what little ways I have to walk on a slick bottomed toboggan that I have used to get deer out.

I'm still getting used to the adjustments and plan to take it to a 200 yard range to give it a bit more testing and also setting up some 300 yard or more targets behind the house if it ever stops raining, more to double check bullet drop than test the field pod but more use will be a good thing. There is a bit of a learning curve getting it position but once's like a rock. Not as stable as prone but really close.

The swivel option of the turret (for lack of a better word) is smooth and adjustable and the bubble level in the section where the legs join is a nice addition. The legs have heavy spikes that, once set on the ground, do NOT move, not a hair.

Initial groups shot with it this AM between showers had 3 groups under an inch by a bit at 100 so, "minute of deer" shooting shouldn't be much of an issue.

There are some good videos on youtube on how much it extends vertically but I'm using it adjusted to folding chair use level for this year.

All in all, while a bit pricey, I'm satisfied with the design and rigidity of the unit.

A short addition, this AM, while working some loads, my Lee Auto Prime hand primer snapped inside the molded plastic primer setter on the top while seating a primer.
I emailed Lee with photos and they had both a large rifle and small rifle replacement head on the way within an hour without charges. Tough to beat that kind of service.

God Bless


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