Feb 13, 2016
Seems they have a good supply of small rifle primers, my thought was if I ever run out of large rifle primers then I won't hesitate to buy some 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor brass with small rifle primer pockets.
I wonder if those 308 and 6.5 Creed SRP brass have good ignition on the hunting field. I never used small rifle primers on any of my rifles except the 6BR.

Brownells had 8 pound jugs of H4350 and Varget yesterday, when I went to their site to order them, the website seemed to be broken. :rolleyes:
They mentioned it on Accurate Shooters forum as well.


Aug 16, 2011
A few days ago I placed an order at Brownells . I was notified they were doing an update, and my order could be delayed . I received my order today , quicker than they thought . maybe the update is going on now .

I'm not sure how small primers would work in cold conditions , about all you could do is test them . maybe a small mag primer would get you into a little colder conditions . the small primer is supposedly helpful in reducing velocity ES . the small primer brass is stronger . it will take more abuse from high pressures , before loosening the primer pocket .


Mar 29, 2022
Yesterday same thing on brownells.. had 8 pounder of 4350 and 8 pounder of varget in my cart. Tried 15 times to check out atleast. The last time I tried it spit the varget out of my cart and left the 4350 so I bought it. Kinda sucks waiting for 6-7 months for a powder to pop up like varget ( when I say powder I mean an 8 pound jug. I refuse to buy singles from midway or brownells cause of the limit of 2. It turns two pounds of varget into $128 atleast with the 8s your knocking the price down per pound by 20 percent. I’ll buy 5 singles from other places but I try not to do that even). and you get stiffed by the online programming! 🙄. Oh well.

Thanks for the info! I need to get back in the habit of checking for primers when I’m looking at powders. I was on brownells this morning too… small pistol primers is what I’m low on too