Colt Python


May 26, 2012
Anybody shot the new Colt Python?
I’m just wishing it came in a .41 Magnum.

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By NEW PYTHON, do you mean the one Colt had recently started making just before CZ bought Colt out? Rumor has it the CZ Is going to start over with the PYTHON.
Seeing them on the shelves now, there was a 3" that didn't last long, and now a 6" replaced it, the double action trigger felt excellent, single not so, didn't seem to break as clean like a smith or ruger. Also the first time ive handled a python maybe thats the way a colt trigger is?
My first duty pistol. Just spent an hour looking for an old album, but can’t locate it or my rookie pic. Traded it for a half dozen G. Loomis rods When we went to Semi Autos. Seemed like a good deal at the time. Boy did I get taken.