Coyote Showdown


Apr 5, 2014
Played peek a boo with this one for quite a while before it finally gave me a shot.
Tried an electric caller right at dark. Had one come out on my other trail but wouldn’t come in close enough to see from the blind.
This one came in three different times. It was suspicious but wouldn’t show itself for a shot.
Finally decided to try the game call again and gave one female howl and it responded and presented a shooting opportunity.
Not a lot of scope video as my battery was about dead and I was trying to make it last long enough for a shot.
When the IR on the game camera triggered as I was looking through the scope it really lit up the area.
The camera picks up the IR from the scope as well.
The light is mounted on top of the camera so at the shot the heat and flash blinds the camera for a few seconds.
The little Nosler 55 Grain Ballistic Tip dropped it in its tracks with a shoulder shot.
You still managed to connect. Fascinating to watch the story unfold.