Custom 6.5 PRC Build


Jun 3, 2016
I always wondered why Remington and Winchester never chambered their SAUM or WSM in 6.5mm, I find they really missed the boat on that when George Gardener and Hornady introduced the 6.5PRC I was all over it and had to have one, all in all ballistics are very similar to my 6.5-284 but I'm a sucker for new stuff.....especially when Factory ammo is involved.

So I picked up an used Kimber Montana 325 wsm for a rebarrel job and I would be off to the the mean time I somehow got talked into or talked myself into a Defiance XM Rebel action that our local distributor had bought for himself for a build and changed his mind and offered me a deal on the action and bottom metal that I couldn't say no to !

So the Kimber was an easy sell to a buddy for his 6.5 PRC build and I was the proud owner of a pile of parts to be dropped off at my gunsmith (Garys Bench) to work his magic on......

Defiance XM Rebel action
24" SS Benchmark #1 contour, 1-8 twist 5R barrel
Wildcat Ultralight Stock, palm swell and high comb added
Timney Calvin Elite Trigger 2lbs
Zeiss V4 4-16x44 Z-MOA2 reticle
Talley Low Lightweights

Gary add a Black-Gold gunkote to the metal parts and deep brown with a touch of splatter to the stock for neat colour combination, I couldn't be happier with the results as it shoulders like a dream and fits me to a T

Nice looking build! The 6.5 PRC is an intriguing cartridge- can't wait for a shooting report.
Certainly quality parts combined to ensure a handsome build. Congratulations. Should be a fascinating shooter.

My son Brad shooting the 6.5 PRC

We dragged a few rifles to the range the first day with the new 6.5 PRC build and I did the break in cleaning and Brad did the shooting, he hadn't been to the range in a few years but all in all he did really well, His favourite and best group of the day was the 28 Nosler shooting factory Nosler 175gr ABLR, Brad shot a one ragged hole group, see below !

Hornadys new factory offerings in the 6.5PRC were very close for advertised Velocities, 143gr ELD-X 2960 fps and the 147gr ELD-M 2910 fps

Best groups were out of the 143gr ELD-X at .35" at 100 yards and 1.2" at 300 yards
the 147gr ELD-M best group was 1" and most groups were 1.25"

Wow, nice looking rifle build you have there! Looks like my old Ultimate One Mark Bansner did for me in a 8.59 Galaxy years ago, your's weighs about the same too!

I have a Kimber Montana with a #4 Shilen Select Match Ratchet 4 groove 1:8" chambered in 6.5/300 WSM. They were a fairly popular build so it doesn't surprise me Hornady jump into making their own case.

Yours looks like it will be a great hunting rifle to tote around in the woods, and steep mountains..... Best of luck with it to you.
Thanks for all the kind words everyone, I'm extremely happy with it so far, looking forward to a few more range trips for sure.
I personally think it will compare with the 264 WinMag but be slightly less of a barrel burner. Looking forward to your load workups, etc.
Interesting that it's a cartridge developed for competition, but you've built a hunting rifle around it.

Reminds me of the 260 Rem and the 6.5 Creedmoor both of which were designed as competition cartridges, and both of which have been used as hunting cartridges.

Nice looking rig! How do you like the V4? Thats one of two scopes I was considering for my PRC, should be done in a couple weeks, may just go with a vx3i with cds and call it good for now.
Tobey284":26xisrcf said:
Nice looking rig! How do you like the V4? Thats one of two scopes I was considering for my PRC, should be done in a couple weeks, may just go with a vx3i with cds and call it good for now.

Thanks again for the kind words everyone,

I'm really impressed with the Zeiss V4 4-16x44, optically is amazing, very clear and bright, so far tracking has been spot on,
One thing to note as I have Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x40 30mm CDS, VX5 HD 3-15x44 CDS, VX6 HD 3-18x44 CDS, all have 25-27 MOA of vertical adjustment from a 100 yard zero, the Zeiss has 53 MOA from a 100 yard zero, all scopes are mounted in Low Talley Lightweight Mounts.