Daughter's whitetail


Nov 28, 2018
Had a quick hunting trip over the weekend to take my teenage daughters(14&16) hunting, the yourger one armed with a 260 and the older with a camera. They are getting older and time seems to be less and less. We logged 32,000 steps and nearly 400 driving miles in under 36 hours. Before this would have been a 2 or even 3 night stay. We saw a lot of game mostly whitetails and 2 smaller mulie bucks, some pheasants, ducks, and a coyote. Saturday evening we finally found some that were starting to rut a little. Did a stock but didn't get a clear shot before it was too dark. Got up the next morning walked in not seeing much, slowly worked our.way out and finally had this one come by following a doe. We were able to sit and wait for it to come around a bush at 100yds. Biologist at the check station aged him at 6.5 years. Was a great trip, and i never even chamber a rifle round.
And this is a dad's cell phone pic. The other one hasn't finished 'editing' the ones she took. :roll:


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That is awesome! Great buck!

Time is definitely precious with the kids! Enjoy every minute you can!

Congrats to you all in a very successful trip!

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Absolutely terrific!! Having raised two daughters, and taken them hunting, there is nothing I enjoyed more than to watch them succeed and harvest an animal. Even at 21 and 24 now, I don’t even carry a rifle until they tag out.
Congratulations! Nice to spend time with the kids. Her smile says a lot. She was glad she got the buck and glad her dad was there with her.

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Nice Whitetail for sure. Glad your daughters hunt. What was your load in the 260? Just curious. Dan.
Well - that pic says it all! Wonderful that you could spend the time with your daughters!
You did good Dad, and have been rewarded. Cant wait to see the other pics!! Congrats to your daughter too. Takes some cool nerves to bust a buck that size! CL
wvbuckbuster":3sjpdhdw said:
Nice Whitetail for sure. Glad your daughters hunt. What was your load in the 260? Just curious. Dan.
Dan, its a reduced recoil load i did up a few years ago for her and still had a half box around.

129 Hornady interlock
33gr H4895
2385fps out of a 17" barrel

Going to work something new up for next season.
Congratulations to your daughter on her buck.
Glad you are able to spend time with your girls.
Awesome job all around.

Congratulations to your daughter and to you, beautiful buck! Yes, that smile says it all.
Very nice buck.

You’re a lucky father as your kids also hunt. They will treasure the memories of your hunting trips together when you are long departed.


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