Decent caribou


Dec 13, 2013
Friend of mine just flew by the lodge, sent me the photo. Scant details follow: hunted all day, flew to his A/O yesterday. Unseasonably warm, returned to camp took a nap, woke to horns going over the ridge, double timed it 400 yards, crawled over the ridge shot the bull at about 100 yards in the back of the head.
30/06 180 grain partitions. IMG_0572.JPG

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Oh, the best part is he taxied his plane right up to the bull.

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I am completely envious of him! Caribou is something I've always wanted to hunt and what a brute he took.
Very decent bull. Nothing wrong with an easy harvest. And he was rested when he took it!
I have found that once or at the most twice in a lifetime things manage to fall into place and make life a little easier. Good bull.
To be fair he spent about six days previously hunting the same area. He also spent several days scouting prior to the season. Matt passed on lesser Bulls knowing this one was in the area.
A break in the weather allowed him back into this A/O. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity, still, waking from a nap and seeing this bull, that's lucky.

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Had a couple of steaks off the bull for dinner tonight. He ate very well.

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The texture is much more like beef then either deer or elk. The flavor is unique but very good. I enjoyed it as much as elk and much more than deer.

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What a great pic, and adventure story!
That's going to be such a memorable story for many, many years to come.

HawkeyeSATX a.k.a. Bryce