Dog gone, gone and done it... switched to carrying a wheel g


Jul 28, 2015
Oh man I have a soft spot for the wheel Guns. I just picked up a Glock 43x and still find myself carrying my J frame more. Just ordered a new holster for the 43X, so maybe it’ll be carried more now. I still just feel far more comfortable with the revolvers, maybe from hunting with them, and being in love with them since a small child I don’t really know. Heck I’ve carried blackhawks in 45 colt, 44 mag. Still carry my 4” python, and in winter I sometimes still carry a m29 44 mag with 8 3/8” barrel under a jacket [emoji23]. My dad gave me a single six in 22 when I was 10, and uncle gave me a 686 in 357 when I was 12 so revolvers have been with me just about all my life. I may branch into the autos occasionally and I do have a 1911 that I love, I just love wheel guns more.

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Jun 22, 2017
I have always had a thing for wheel guns. Last year I got a tuned 3" 686+ and a Wright Leather Works Marshal holster for it. It carries great and Wright holster handles the weight very well. I don't shoot it as well as I would like but that's reason enough to put some more rounds down range.