Elk tenderloin recipes?


May 18, 2011
What’s everyone’s favorite way to cook elk tenderloins?

I may have recently come into a pair of fresh tenderloins. ;)
A little salt and pepper before placing at medium heat on the Traeger until medium rare. A slightly pungent smoke generated by a wood such as hickory or oak, is excellent. Mesquite wood can add a touch of southwestern memories.
Olive oil in a stainless steel bowl. Get out the mortar and pestle. Add garlic, a pinch of cayenne, pepper, a pinch of seasoning salt, and Montreal steak spice. Grind to dust. Add the mixture to the olive oil. Put a bit of brown sugar in the olive oil. Place meat in the olive oil. Work the mixture into the meat and let stand for a while. Heat the BBQ. I use charcoal, as gas don't cut it with me. Raise the coals up to the grill. Place the steaks over the coals, and sear NO MORE THAN 90 SECONDS PER SIDE. Move steaks over to the other side of the grill where there is no coals under the meat. Lower the rack and continue cooking until done. Scalloped taters should be done at the same time as the tenderloins. Sweet peas and a chunk of home made apple pie to complete your lunch. ENJOY.
Olive oil, Montreal steak seasoning, hot cast iron skillet and nothing past the medium side of rare...
hodgeman":3vr88br9 said:
Olive oil, Montreal steak seasoning, hot cast iron skillet and nothing past the medium side of rare...
Add some grilled onion. Don't over think it.

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15 yards, personal foul, taunting those without Elk tenderloin!

I did find some backstrap (venison) and dredged in egg, and coated in bread crumbs, fried to med rare in light olive oil.
I have a bob cat recipe that would be awesome on elk.
Please forgive my foul sense of humor!

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Grilled bob cat, should work on a lot if game..

• Boneless loins from one bobcat
• 1/2 cup sweet paprika
• 1 tablespoon brown sugar
• 4 teaspoons salt
• 4 teaspoons onion powder
• 4 teaspoons black pepper
• 4 teaspoons white pepper
• 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Mix all the seasonings, and sprinkle on all sides of the meat to form a thick coating. Allow to stand 30 minutes at room temperature until the rub appears wet, then season heavily again, pressing the barbecue rub into the meat so it sticks.
Slow-cook on the upper rack of a gas grill, turning frequently, until the meat is done to taste. Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce on the side.

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Some may frown but if you try this you will like very much!

stir enough eggs and milk in a glass bowl so that the tenderloins are covered in the mixture. Cover with plastic wrap or something and put the mixture with the meat into it into the fridge for a couple hours if you have time. Not necessary though.

Heat a cast iron skillet to medium heat. Put olive oil and butter in the pan.

Crush a whole tube of Ritz crackers in the tube as best as you can then place them on a plate and finish the job on anything you missed.

Take a steak and dredge it good in the egg mixture and quickly into the cracker crumbs covering both sides. Put into the heated pan. Cook on one side until the cracker mix starts to brown then flip. Same on the other side. Cook to medium rare and salt and pepper and served with mashed potatoes or anything else like a nice salad. It's fantastic.
I'm working on a photobucket replacement and then I'll post my hunt, but I have some tenderloin pieces (partitions are hard on tenderloins when your shot goes a bit off course). I saved what I could and have it milk-soaking with a smaller piece of back strap and will be cooking them tomorrow evening for supper. Never frozen backstrap and tenderloins.....

Locally - (Idaho) Bite Size Steak is all the fad. Seems to be an ongoing "thing" between all the eateries in town.

1.0 I cut up the loin or backstrap into golf ball size pieces. Soak in your fav "recipe" .. milk or ???

2.0 In a gallon freezer bag mix dry - any coating you like - I use Pride of the West and then Prime Rib Rub. Shake up pieces so the are completely coated and dry.

3.0 In a skillet heat up oil (Not too Hot) and throw in pieces of meat. I flip over to all sides. We like the meat on the rare side.

4.0 If you like have Aujuice and Horseradish ready and enjoy.

This has been my goto for the last couple years on our Elk and Deer cut meat.

IMO - I believe on wild game keep the meat away from the "Well Done" and it is so much more tender.