Favorite Big Game Animal to hunt

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Hodgeman. I remember Cheyenne saying she enjoyed hunting Caribou. I guess the closest I have come to that is the Red Deer. but maybe one day I can return to your great State.

Jamila- a UK buddy of mine sent me a video of him hunting red deer in Scotland's highland....It looked remarkably like an alpine caribou hunt except for the accents and the critters looked a bit off. Very close in style and method.

Glad I was not drinking anything when I read this--good one Hodgeman

Dr Mike, a successful Grizzly hunt is always a good hunt.
Joeelkdouglas, I wondered if someone would select Turkey
Best of luck Gil on your Safari, you will love it!
Best of luck Rodger on your trip out west
You could fill your list Charles with three trips. Alaska, Wyoming and Africa--good luck
Jamila, Marco Polo, Markhor, polar bear----you are your mothers daughter. Dont you have to get approval from the president of Iran to hunt markhor, or the approval of the president of whatever country they are in ?
Guy, love the spot and stalk aspect of the hunt

Dr Mike, Charles, good advise given to our young maiden. I also dont run into many young men that have their act together. I think the "nobody's wrong, nobody loses, it is not your fault" society is churning out some less than stellar adults. But nobody wants me to get political again.

Has anyone here hunted the Coues whitetail ? Not a large animal, but like the antelope, it can be a good hunt.

I'm not even a good turkey hunter, actually pretty terrible at it. They are crafty birds!

Just something I love about being in the woods at the crack of dawn, watching the light change in the leaves.
Man.. This is an easy one. Elk are number 1 on my favorite hunts. So far, nothing has eclipsed the work and effort to consistently take elk and the ups and downs of getting on them in the mountains.

I do have a strong calling for a grizzly, either interior or coastal, doesn't much matter.
Black bear, I like preparing bait sites and the excitement of knowing such a majestic beast could show up at any minute.
Deer, moose and turkey are not far behind