Fed LR

George Foster

Dec 4, 2005
Powder Valley has Fed 210 LR primers $*97.99 in stock and they haven't sold out Yet, I got the notice one hr. ago. I wonder if things are looking up, now if the price would come down.
I'm not expecting any significant downward movement in component prices anytime soon, if ever to be honest. There have been times when some countries have seen large'ish swings up and down, but things are different today across the board with significant increased in demand coupled with high inflation which extends past basic cost of living but also to commodity prices used in component manufacture. The only answer I can come up with is to buy what you can when you can.
" buy what you can when you can" is the very reason.

I'm fortunate enough to have slowly acquired many many years of components when prices were down because demand was down.
Haven’t seen any non magnum LR primers at my SW yet. Few weeks ago they had CCI 250.