May 26, 2012
After relocating to Kansas for a thirteen week contract I got my Alaskan nursing license!

Looks like I’m Alaska bound in January provided I don’t get kidnapped by some corn fed farmer’s daughter.🤣 Being here makes me appreciate the mountains even more. The only way to get any elevation gain is to climb up a grain elevator. 🤣😁

Not looking like I’ll get any hunting in this year as I’m saving my money for Alaska. Just got moved into an apartment after staying in a hotel. Found a two bedroom second story house converted to apartments after talking with another nurse at work. Price is reasonable and nobody bothers me.

Kansas, the people are nice and friendly, I don’t think I could live here full time. I miss the mountains and open spaces. Here all the open spaces are corn and hay fields. I don’t think there’s five acres of public land within a hundred miles of me. I’m considering this like a little mini vacation where I’m getting paid to visit for a few months.

Good luck 🍀 to y’all this hunting season!

Congratulations Vince. Enjoy your time in Kansas. Maybe you can luck into a deer hunt yet this fall.

Hey Vince- its always good to be headed where your heart wants to go. Me, I kinda prefer the country where all the sky scrapers are Grain Elevators, but thats just me. Been living in self imposed excile, here in the big city of MN for too many years. Hope its all you want it to be! Photos will be required...:) CL