Finding the sweet spot


May 16, 2016
Here's a good example of the benefits of reloading, and how quickly the group can tighten up when you find the sweet spot that your rifle likes. In this case, a Browning X-Bolt Medallion in 6.5CM.

These 3 groups were part of a load development ladder that I shot yesterday. Bullet is 140gr Hornady ELD-M. Powder is H4350. There is .5gr difference between each group, going up. The last group is at the top of the published load data, so I don't really want to push beyond that. Will probably play with seating depth a bit and then call it good. As you can see, the group size literally shrunk in half in that 1gr between the first and third groups, roughly .25" per .5gr.




Now to shoot some more of that last load to verify accuracy and velocity, and adjust seating depth if necessary.

Nicely done. I agree that a little tweaking with the COL and you are good to go. H4350 is a great powder in the 6.5 Creedmoor..

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4350 is no longer available over here.
Some stupid EU regulations...
I have good results with reload Swiss and rumor has it that some RL powders are made by them.
Though RS60 is said to burn through barrels rather quickly.
Well - it is a hunting rifle. So the barrel will still last some years
As I remember 2 tight 1 out, seat deeper.
That's what the next round is for. Those are currently seated at .020 off the lands. I loaded another test at that depth, another batch at .045 off the lands, and a third batch at .070. Hope to shoot them soon.