For Trade-6.5mm and 7mm bullets


Mar 10, 2010
I have the following I’d tike to trade:

3 boxes of 7mm 120 Ballistic Tips for trade (150 Bullets)
1 full Box of 7mm 150 AB (50).
300 6.5mm Sierra 130gr tipped gamechangers;

I know this is a stretch but but I like to trade the 150-120 BT for 100 7mm 140gr Nosler Accubonds., or for 100 Hornady 139 Interbonds.
trade the 1 box of 7mm 150 AB for 1 full box of 7mm 140 AB.
Also interested in trading the 300 6.5 130 tipped gamechangers for 250 6.5 mm 130 Accubonds, or possibly 129 Hornady Interbonds.
Yeah I know I'm looking for a needle in the haystack but it's worth a shot. I may consider certain Mono's as well. Looking for bonded tipped bullets.


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Well, there is that border thing that keeps the stash hidden here in the Great White North hidden in the Great White North. Here's pulling for you to succeed in this trade.
20230112_104852.jpgMaybe I can help you. I have this box of 139s that's been on my shelf for almost 20 years. They are a bit tarnished. There is actually 132 of them. Give me a pm.