Fun, Fun, Fun...Shooting and hunting at night.


Sep 15, 2005
Every since I hunted in South Africa, I have been wanting a solid way to shoot a specialty pistol, especially a center-grip single-shot out to 500 yards (Keep the shots under 10"), from the standing position, using a tri-pod quickly.
I have used hog/pig saddles, and items like it, Arca rails on the forend, etc...And I never really was satisfied.
I came up with a idea of using a carbon fiber plate, with a Arca rail on it (So, I could move it back forth on the head to find the best balance/most solid location for that XP-100).
In the daytime, I met my 500 yard goal. This was on a unsuspecting rock (Approx 2 MOA) at 508 yards. Center-grip 6.5-284.
The rancher also shot it, and hit the rock too. My first shot was approximately 2" above center. I had not shot the XP since June-I was a happy camper.
The video is after my friend shot it (We were out there at one of his daughters B-Day parties).
This will work for big game out to 5 in good conditions/Standing position.
On another day, I want to see how far I can keep it inside 10".
Moving on...

Was trying to get all of this ready since I was heading to Texas soon, for some nighttime predator hunting.
I thought this Carbon Fiber 10x14 inch plate would work good for hogs and predators.
After getting my 6mm Creedmoor zeroed with my thermal optic-300 yards.
Although I killed my very first fox ever, and used a specialty pistol at night for the first time, the plate was too slow.
In the video you can tell the plate was not tight enough.

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For big game, it will work great, as they are not typically as fidgety as yotes and fox are coming into a call.

Went to the direct Arca rail on my forend for hogs. A little synchronized shooting, and some meat for a family.
We both forgot to hit "record" on the hogs! Grrr!
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On the third night, we tried for yotes-no luck. But I found another fox. I used one of my buds two vets tri-pods.
Using the same RRS head as mine.
His head was twice as smooth as mine.
Will be calling RRS this week, to get the bugs worked out on mine.
Video is from my friends thermal scope.
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I learned a lot last week, and already have a plan for night time with a specialty pistol.
I have always used bolt rifles and AR15's and AR-10's for hogs in the past with night vision.
I really enjoyed using a specialty pistol, and I like thermal a lot more than night vision for hunting game at night.
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Excellent work, Ernie. It is a hoot watching the fox take one for the team through the thermal imaging.