Got my Bucket List rifle! Finally


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Oct 30, 2004
I did some horse trading with a good friend and finally I own an original Shiloh Sharps 1874 in 45-70! Robert and I are the only ones who have shot it and only with light/reduced (red dot/300 lead /1150 fps) loads. About 50 rounds through her. Box and papers included.!

Very to find a Vernier sight!

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Tell us Fotis that you already have a hunt of some order in the works for this old gun? What a great snag!
Very nice Fotis! That's a great rifle for sure.
Bring it out here this summer for some herd management crop damage deer hunting. I will set you up with moving targets from 50-350 yards.

You say that like there's only one bucket list rifle. LOL

Cool rig, man. I kinda want to pick up a Sharps or 10...
Nice Fotis!, I could wait to open this when I saw Bucket list and your name to see what it was
Wow! Hot rod "Bee's" and an old school buffalo thumper! Is there some "irony" there. :) Hope you plan on shooting it. We will look forward to the targets. Enjoy! CL
I aways think a Remington rolling block in 45-70 would be fun. My brother has one in 43 Spanish.
Congratulations Fotis! That should be an excellent shooter. It sure looks great.

Regards, Guy