Got to shoot my new pistol today


Mar 31, 2007
Finally got a day off without monsoon rains or 60mph wind. Decided it was a good time to see what my TC Encore in .243 would do. Don't have components or dies yet so am shooting some factory stuff I ordered online. The first load is Federal gray box 100gr soft point. The other load I got from Cheaper Than Dirt. It is Colorado Buck brand ammo. The only reasons I took a chance on it was the fact that it is loaded with 90gr AccuBond and it was in stock.

Wind was negligible, range nice and un-crowded. I like having my days off on Tuesday and Wednesday for that reason! Bore sighted and started at 25 yards with Federal and Colorado. I have shot a lot of big bore revolvers, 44 mag, hot 45 colt, 454, etc and also a few encores in straight walled calibers. This is my first bottle necked chambered pistol so I didn't really know what to expect. This gun is fun! Not much muzzle flip, not much in the way of recoil at all. My Ruger Super Blackhawk hunter in .45 colt has much more recoil than this gun.

I shot a few groups at 25 yards to get zeroed and get used to the B&L Elite 2-6 scope. Right away I could see the difference in ammo. Even at 25 yards the Colorado Buck was tighter.
Finally got an all clear for a target check and moved to 100 yards. Cranked the scope up to 6 and did some dry firing to warm up. Again, noticeable difference in accuracy. Colorado Buck much tighter groups. I am attaching a picture of a group with each ammo. My final 3 shots were with the Colorado Buck after my last scope adjustment. Dead on at 100. I think that this will be suitable for Michigan deer.

Does anyone have any experience with how the 90gr AccuBond performs on whitetails?

Encore 243.jpg

90gr accubond.jpg

100gr federal gray box.jpg

Colorado Buck 90gr.jpg

She is a shooter!
The 6mm 90 gr AB is an excellent choice for deer.
Shoot one into some jugs. ;)


Am going up north grouse hunting next weekend, hopefully have a chance to put one into a coyote.

Very nice! Now that is a cool pistol right there! I'd love to have one in a 260 or something like that! Very nice.

I don't think you'll have any problems with that 90 grain AB on any deer. It seems to work well run real fast and also when ran really slow. Good luck, keep us updated.

It looks like you got her settled in quite well. Look out Michigan deer!

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