GPO Passion 4x6-24x50


Jul 1, 2021
Hi all, recently purchased 2x GPO Passion 4x 6-24x50 for my .308 and .243. I made these purchases "Blind", without prior research, but pulled the trigger anyhow, because the scopes really feel / seem "bulletproof". The glass is extremely clear, the clickers are very positive, so overall, happy. The "Net" seems to have a lot of positive feedback, if you look past the "Made in Germany/ Not made in Germany" crap. I know it's not, I did not pay for a European scope...
Now the crux, there is ZERO vids and the manual is really vague on using the turrets, how the recticle works etc. I know I can go burn powder to figure out, but hey, thats the expensive route... BTW they are 1click=1cm/100m, most info is on 1/4 MOA@100Yards...