Great New Coyote Load With 55 Grain .224 E-Tip


Apr 7, 2019
I’ve been playing with E-Tips in my other calibers. I’m happy to say that my coyote rifle loves them. I have an AR-15 with a 24” nitrided bull barrel in 223 Wylde with 1:8 twist that’s putting them inside .5” at 100 yards, and less than 1.5” at 200 yards. The freebore of the Wylde chamber seems to be custom fit for the E-Tip bullets. With a 28 grain maximum charge from Nosler’s manual(work up VERY slowly), and OAL straight from the manual it shoots perfectly. No pressure signs, primers look great, perfect feeding and extraction, great accuracy with Lake City brass, Remington 7 1/2 primers, and CFE 223 powder. Also by the trajectory of the ejected case it’s not overgassed at all with a rifle length gas system. I haven’t run them over my chrono yet but I’m a very happy camper here! Yotes beware!!!
Guy Miner":1lp2ikep said:
Should work out very well. (y)
Thank you, I sure hope so. I can’t see a coyote even slowing them down much if these penetrate like the other E-Tips I’ve shot. I could see them being effectively used on deer sized animals where .224” bullets are legal for such game.
Think they will deliver enough shock to anchor a coyote? I like the E tips and shot 180's out of my 300 win mag last year. I saw a whitetail run about 120 yards before dropping shot through the lungs with my rifle. The bullet did as it's designed to judging by the entrance and exit wounds. I just wonder if they don't put to much of their energy out the far side on smaller animals to kill extremely fast. There is no shrapnel creating secondary wound channels and the mushroom doesn't seem to be as big as an AccuBond or similar bullet. I think they are excellent for elk or bigger game, I just wonder if they will expand enough quickly enough for coyotes. Coyotes suck at leaving blood trails a lot of times, their long hair catches the blood until they have run far enough to soak it, then it's hard to find unless there is snow or you can see them run off.

Your AR might be just right for them. A long barrel with a hot load will keep impact velocity higher. I'm curious to see how they end up working for you. It might be just the bullet to not wreck a bobcat or fox. Please keep us informed, I'm always searching for the perfect predator calling bullet.
I’m sorry I haven’t updated on this for a while. This afternoon brought my 9th coyote of the year. An average size female at a little over 150 yards. These 55 grain E-Tips are very surprising. The load chrono’s at 3321 fps. They perform exactly like Nosler says they should. Consistent expansion, no matter the angle 100% penetration on all so far, bullet size entrance and approximately a quarter size exit. The surprise is that all 9 looked like they were struck by lightning. Dead before their chin hits the ground. I’m sure there will be those that run but so far WOW!


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