Grizzly Attack


Apr 18, 2006
A mother and 10 month old were killed Monday in the Yukon while the husband was out on the trapline. He was attacked when he returned and shot the bear only to find his wife and daughter dead.
We often forget that we are not the top of the food chain in certain environments. Events like this show that we must be ever vigilant when in another top predators environment, as we can become prey in an instant, regardless of how experienced we are.

Grizzly bears do not truly hibernate like black bears do, and will often roam during winter months looking for winter kills, or fresh prey. This bear would have been in full predator mode looking for food at this time of year, and a mother and daughter caught outside without protection would have been easy prey and protein. We do not like to think of these things in such content, but to a bear, it is natural instinct and behaviour.

Our condolences to the surviving father and husband.
Very sad. We've had an abnormally warm winter so far and lots of bears are still out and about.

Last year I found griz tracks and a moose kill he'd been eating in -20F.
Have had some folks ask and I am sorry but I dont know much more than what has been reported. I am not currently in The Yukon, but have spoken to some people

They lived in a very remote area, they were both knowledgeable on how to live in a remote area, so it is a surprise to some that she was not armed, if she wasn't --- to my knowledge that has not been established yet. I would be surprised if she was not caring her baby in a amuti and had a rifle, but the bear knocked her down before she could shoot it. They can come out of nowhere and move very fast, for their size

Gil has already advised those who were wondering about why the bear was not hibernating at this time. As he and hodgeman have stated they are still out and about, and at this time of year, very dangerous.

very very sad
hunternyny":1mt20yfz said:
that is sad. certainly a reminder of how dangerous is it where some of you folks reside

Well, it is still safer than living in most cities! (y) And a whole lot less aggravating.
Well I have attempted to read the reports on this latest Bear incident and there is nothing more that I could add but send my condolences to her Husband, Family & Friends.
Life can change in a instant :(.

John, I know you were being thoughtful when you made your post and all of us in "bear country" appreciate your thoughtfulness; But Dr Mike is correct, at least I agree with him

Murders in N.Y. in 2017 approx 300
Murders in Toronto in 2017 approx 65
There are approx 300,000 to 400,000 sexual assaults reported each year in each country
plus aggravated assaults, robberies, and never ending traffic and people

There has been approx 50 black and brown bear deaths in the last 18 years in the U.S. and Canada and only approx 20 to 25 white bear deaths in the last 100 years.

I woke up this morning with my husband fixing breakfast and only him and my dogs in sight. I will take my chances today with the bears.

Having said all that, what happened is tragic and I wish it had not happen, but if that couple are like my husband and I, they had the conversation ( of "what if" ) in regards to animals, weather, accidents, lack of worldly comforts, before they bought their cabin in such an isolated location and decided to trap and hunt as a way of life.

this in no way diminishes the tragedy and my heart and prayers go out to the husband and their extended family, but wanted to give John and any others that might be wondering "why" were they there. ( and for the record this is a topic of conversation in some places up here ) I have lived in Toronto, Vancouver, and other large cities.

Like Dr Mike, Hodgeman and others I will take my chances with the bears.
I'm one of those victims of city violence and was shot in the back of my head in our Nations capitol.
The perp was never caught because his immigrant friends protected him and the coward fired his weapon from concealment inside a building that was under construction.
I was very lucky to have survived the attack and probably wouldn't have had he used a different caliber hand gun. The .25 acp ricocheted off the back of my head. Yeah I'm hard headed and proud of it. :)>)
One reason why I live in a rural area but even my area is getting over crowded and looking to relocate somewhere less populated.