Gunstocks Inc. Bedford, IA - Buyer BEWARE!


Oct 27, 2006
I purchased a replacement butt stock for my 1970 1100 in .410 from Gunstocks Inc. Total with shipping was $68.45 I received the stock and I immediately noticed the hole for the Spring Tube was drilled severely off-center causing a bad cast on and it didn't seat correctly on the action. See attached photo. I know that it was an unfinished stock and might require some fitting but the hole was so off center I was afraid that to take that much wood away I would run the risk of not being able to secure the butt stock with the nut securely. I sent the stock back to Gunstock Inc at a cost of 21 dollars so now I have almost 80 dollars in to the stock. The response was they got the stock to fit their receiver and sent a picture of an unfinished stock on a receiver it didn't look like a 410 or 28ga receiver to me.

They said it was not defective and responded (and this is a quote) "If you want to blame us for your inabillity and/or unwillingness to do the small amount of work it took to properly fit the stock to a gun it was made for then that is up to you"

I love being insulted by people I give money to don't you? They only refunded 39.71

Bottom line in my estimation they make a poor quality product and will not stand behind their crap. I have since found a finished butt stock with butt plate at Numrich (which in hindsite I should have started at) for 78 bucks
If you've had a different experience with Gunstock Inc consider yourself lucky. I found another Forum thread (24hourcampfire) with several people complaining on their quality. Caveat Emptor


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Nov 8, 2006
That is sorry workmanship (such as it were). Shame on them for poor customer service. Thanks for posting.


Jan 20, 2011
I could do better with a hand drill, drunk, and blindfolded! Seriously though, from a professional machinist, that work is total crap.


Jan 5, 2009
The insulting reply is as bad as the workmanship. I hope this is one time when the power of the web accomplishes some eventual good.
I have a daughter who has elevated to an art form the process of making people be accountable for their actions and their products. She never has to look far for the next opportunity. :)
Best wishes, EE2\