Guy Miner costs me money!


Dec 24, 2006
So, I saw that Guy put the new curved arms on the CoAx and Jesus, I literally couldn't find a set fast enough...

Mike was the one who got me onto a CoAx quite a few years ago and man, I couldn't love a press more than it. From 223 to my 50-90 that press is just awesome..

The curved jaws are the answer to my only gripe since I have larger than normal mitts...

All in good fun, but thank you Guy for doing that. Appreciate Major! Scotty
I sense there will be some airing of grievances on this thread ;)

And I have a boat and horses too!!!
Thank God the wife allows me my passion with rifles too!;)

Best thing I ever did in this relationship (besides marrying her) was to answer one of her very first questions as follows:
Question: "Why do you need so many rifles? You can only shoot one at a time!"
Answer: While looking out the front window at her horses in the corral - "Why do you need so many horses? You can only ride one at a time!"
That was the end of the conversation!!!:D

And she has just bought herself a new rifle for our trip to Africa next May!
This is the offending article & video...

Sorry (not) Scotty! Ya, I thought about your ummm, extra-large size, and thought "No wonder he likes the idea of these curved links." :)

I hope they work out well for you.

Regards, Guy
Oh yeah, they make all kinds of sense. The COAX is an awesome press and it wasn't like the window was tiny to start, but this just opens up a bunch of real estate.

I'd like to know how many rounds I have cranked out on mine. I think I got it when I was stationed in Camp Lejeune in 2006, right around the time I got my first 35 Whelen.
2 types of people regarding Enablers …

- those who can’t / won’t allow being Enabled

- those wanting to be Enabled

😂 I KNOW my spot !!!