How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?


May 26, 2018
This is somewhat like the "4 Stable Sticks" I've tested. I thought it was a viable option, but I very quickly learned on uneven ground, and left to right adjustments (having to slightly pick up and move the legs) wasted time. I know a few hunters that use these, and like in Africa the three sticks for supporting the forend of the stock does do a good job for making a good shot quickly. That said I suppose as the distance gets pushed out having something for your support arm makes sense which this does well.

Nice looking sticks, did you make them?
They are not quick, agreed.
A friend of mine built them for me and I really like them for longer shots where I have the time to set them up.


Work, load, shoot, hunt, repeat
Apr 19, 2022
I have been practicing with a trigger stick but am still not as accurate as I need to be and currently would not go beyond 100 yards. Assuming you are a right handed shooter I am curious were the best spot is for your left hand? On the inside of the trigger stick near the mag well, on the outside of the trigger stick closer to the muzzle, on top of the scope over the trigger stick or below the rifle trying to grab both the trigger stick and rifle?? Curious what people have found to be the best technique.
It's tricky depending on how heavy your rifle is. Most of my rifles weight around 9.5 to 11.5lb.
I've practiced a bunch of different holds. My best results are; put the trigger stick right in front of the mag well, left hand holding the forend right in front of the triggerstick.
I DO NOT put downwards pressure on the triggerstick but just use it as a balance point. My most stable position is sitting on a portable collapsible stool with my elbows on my knees.

Every time I put downwards pressure on the triggerstick the legs squat out from underneath the rifle during ignition/ firing/ recoil....that's bad!

Practice, practice, practice.


Oct 23, 2020
I've only made one shot from a tripod, a spring bear a couple years ago. It worked well- shot from the tripod kneeling to see over the grass. The shot was only about 100 yards, so it was pretty much a chip shot.

I've resisted carrying anything, but I've mostly hunted dead open country and sitting or prone with a pack was pretty easy to accomplish. If I had to hunt in grassland or brushy country a lot, I'd carry one.


Apr 30, 2016
I bought a gently used trigger stick from eBay for a steal and I really like it. Even in ladder stands, it’s feet are big enough not to slip through the floor. I catch grief for it, but I use it when I’m turkey hunting sitting on the ground. More than once I got the shotgun up and and old
Tom takes a coon’s age to present a shot and by then my arms are getting shaky. Not a problem with the trigger stick.


Nov 5, 2015
I bought a gently used trigger stick from eBay for a steal and I really like it. Even in ladder stands, it’s feet are big enough not to slip through the floor. I catch grief for it, but I use it when I’m turkey hunting sitting on the ground. More than once I got the shotgun up and and old
Tom takes a coon’s age to present a shot and by then my arms are getting shaky. Not a problem with the trigger stick.
I use the trigger stick for squirrel hunting resting my rifle on it. Works for me. Dan.


Feb 13, 2016
I have used tripods that a few guides have brought along on day hunts. I had shot a red stag cow with it standing up, roughly 260 yards to the neck with a 6.5 Creed a couple years back. I mostly hunt out of a box blind at my deer lease I used to have. I have opted out of deer leases after the owner sold his land this year that I hunted in for 13 years. I will be using more of the tripods since I'm going to be doing day or 3 day hunts.


Jun 22, 2017
Ernie I'll be very interested in what you come up with for these handguns. I was looking for something to use with the XP's and the contenders just before hunting season. I looked at the Bog Pod Death grip but was unsure how much difference there would be in impact with it clamped in there vs free if I needed to shoot without it. I ended up buying this for now because it was fairly light, not expensive, did not clamp on to the gun and was available locally.
Primos Rest
I fold one end down and use a bag for the rear. It is not quite as stable as I had hoped for but not really bad for distances I would have here in Georgia. I have tested it out to 200 yards on our range but haven't tried further yet. I also found out my brother has a Bog Death Grip which I will borrow next year to test.


Sep 30, 2004
I’ve been using the tripod for a couple years now. It’s unbelievably more steady than a a shooting stick. I find that with using a sling to create down pressure I can be very stable standing. I shot my moose at over 400 standing this year using my pig 0311 tripod with ball head.


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Dec 13, 2013
Thought I would revisit this; training is the ticket. The country I have always hunted in Eastern Oregon and Montana has lots of relief, Most of it steep. Had my trigger sticks strapped to my pack when we got into that herd of elk on day two. When I ran farther than a guy my age should run I plopped down, tied into the sling and shot my bull. Had time to set the sticks, they would have worked in that location and may have prevented my quarter away shot from breaking the back knee before raking up through the heart and lungs. Still not sure which one of us wiggled but thankfully I was shooting my 338 Jarrett and Accubonds.
Since then Ive been practicing and getting more comfortable. So far I’ve only drawn one tag, Montana deer. No Wyoming elk, deer and Antelope still waiting. Oregon Deer, Antelope and Elk still to come as well. Will see then how effective my training has been.

Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Shot my last two mule deer from a Death Grip tripod, also the cow elk in January this year. Had my rifle securely in the Death Grip tripod in the various bear blinds I was in, May of this year. Sadly, didn't even see a bear.

Can shoot quite accurately from that tripod. It is a heavy rascal, but not too bad to carry.



Jan 14, 2008
I've been considering the BOG Deathgrip Infinite ... but wow $$$
I just have to get past that.


Sep 15, 2005
I will be using my RRS tripod with a center-grip XP-100 and a rear grip specialty pistol the week of the 19-21 for my LR steel pistol match (WY-SHOT). My score won't count for anything, but the practice in invaluable to me, as I will be working from standing, kneeling, and sitting positions under time.


Mar 11, 2005
I've got a Death Grip that I put on a Bogen tripod and have tested it with a variety of rifles. It is a rather rigid setup. I took a few shots at short range with it and noticed that how the legs are positioned makes a difference in the way the rifle(s) recoil. What I'm really interested to see is how the POI changes between shooting from the bench (at long range) and from the Death Grip. I'd also like to see how varying the position of the tripod legs effects POI.

Maybe next week I'll test this all out and see how things go with a moderately recoiling, hunting rifle.


Aug 16, 2011
you guys that are shooting rifles off a tripod , where are you placing your front hand ? I have my grandson holding onto the rifle clamp , looks like he holds the big wingnut . he holds his 22 the same as his 260 , neither one has much recoil . he holds like this standing too . I've sat behind the rifle and this feels comfortable , but I haven't shot from this tripod . I don't want to get a bad habit started , that will show up with more recoil .

I see Guy , and his son, hold different ways .

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May 1, 2007
Not Me as shooting sticks or walking sticks is all I have ever needed. God put a lot of natural rests out there for Me As well.