Hunting season approaches...



Hunting season approaches, the family has a whole fist full of tags and I spent part of the day going through gear, checking rifles and ammo, and making preparations for my favorite time of the year.
I cleaned my much loved and battered Nosler .300, checked the mounts and gave it the thinnest coat of oil. I'll confirm the zero in the next few days. I expect it hasn't shifted since the end of last season and still shoots straight.

It's odd. I've had rifles that shot better and looked prettier...but they just weren't my favorite. I've hunted with this rifle extensively, but not exclusively. I shot a few caribou with other rifles- either through circumstance or deliberate variety. In all fairness, I wished for my 300 in every instance when it came time to pull the trigger with an animal in the crosshairs.

As a writer, I feel like I need to use a variety of rifles for perspective. As a hunter, I'm superstitious and tend to favor that which has worked the best before. While I won't print the number, it's considerable...and there's never been a survivor once the 300 got leveled on it. That's a trend I hope to see continue unabated.

I acquire other rifles simply because I like to mess with rifles, a habit my practical self hates. My frugal side knows that I won't hunt with whatever the objet du jour is unless I just make myself under protest...and I'll eventually sell it off from boredom.

Opening day is just a few weeks away, and at the starting bell I'll reach past my collection of newer rifles to settle on this one.


Nov 4, 2004
I'm pretty jacked but have so much work to do plus prep to go on several hunts. Aug 1st is dads and my buddies cow hunt. Aug 15th we go to Kodiak. Sept 25th to UT for muzzie deer and ID muzzie antelope starts the same day. Oct 1st is the opener for our draw tag for bull elk. Then our general deer Oct 10th and General elk Oct 15th. Then we drew late cow tags in UT for Dec and Jan. I still need to build our muzzleloaders and get them dialed for UT and I have to go shoot with dad this week. Crazy busy with work too. My AK buddy wants his gun done before sheep season as do the dozen other people who have stuff around here. As they rest for the wicked.