Kansas whitetail


May 15, 2009
I've got an awesome opportunity to go shoot some whitetails in Kansas with a buddy who's from there. Never been hunting out East before....I'm from Oregon. I hear that the whitetail are pretty big out there.

Looking for advise on gun and bullet choice. I'm leaning towards taking my 260 loaded with the 129 ABLR. Will that be sufficient?

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Your 260 will work fine on whitetail in KS. The only qualifier that I might think of is whether you're hunting in western KS, where the shots might be long, or hunting in eastern KS, where shots could be closer. Your friend should be able to give you an idea of the distances you can expect.
Shots should be out to about 500 yards max. I'm very comfortable with that. It's a custom built 260 that I shoot regularly out to 1000 and beyond.

Will be hunting a bit south of great bend Kansas. Can't tell you how excited I am about this trip!

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You have every right to be excited. That area produces some fine whitetails nowadays. I've always been intrigued at the whitetails produced near my natal home in SE KS. Fascinating to me.
sounds great . your 260 will be a fine choice . there are big bucks in Kansas . I'll be there again this year too .
I use a 264 win mag on them most years, just a 260 with more horsepower.

With your set-up you will be fine. Be prepared to shoot in wind, KS has a lot of it.

Find a way to shoot steady from positions taller than prone. I bet GB had a lot of rain this summer to grow more than average vegetation. NE KS did, and so did CO where I muley hunted. I use an Outdoorsmans shooting rest on their pan head atop my optics tripod for this. Pricey set-up but it's darn nice when I can't go prone.

Good luck on your hunt. Antler growth is down this year for some reason in my part of KS, but there are still some nice bucks.
My friends and I have killed close to 20 whitetail deer with a Rem. XP100R chambered in 260 Rem. I believe all deer were one shot kills. I did miss two clean. It only had a 14" barrel. We shot 120 gr. BT's on all of the deer. Depending on the shot placement, some deer ran a bit but only once or twice completely out of view. We shot deer routinely out to 200 yards. The longest shot was 237 yards as measured by an optical rangefinder.

Based on my experience, I believe that with rifle velocities and 129 ABLR you will be fine.