Labeling and bullet pulling

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Couldn't get out to hunt today.

This afternoon I tackled a bullet-pulling project re 25-06 ammo. I had two different types of 25-06 ammo I wanted to take apart:

1. Years ago I used the 100 gr Barnes TSX over H4350 for my hunting load. It was fast at 3340 fps, and accurate. I took a couple of mule deer with it, however there were two reasons I decided to stop using that bullet. It left the worst copper fouling I've ever seen in the Remington barrel, and I wasn't convinced that the hollow-point TSX was consistently opening on game.

So, I just pulled those bullets and set them aside. Not sure if I'll just toss 'em, or if someone might want them. I haven't used 'em in years. Still have a couple of boxes somewhere too.

But the brass is in great shape of course, and I know exactly what powder charge & primer were used. It's on the label! I can remember too, but it's nice that it's on the label.

2. A few years back a buddy, knowing I often hunt with the 25-06 did me a "favor" by giving me 140 rounds of ammo his father had loaded. I wasn't thrilled, but smiled and took the ammo, figuring I'd look it over and do something with it someday.

Well that day has come. None of the 7 plastic ammo boxes have any info other than "25/06" written on them.

So far I've found a mix of 100 gr soft point, and two distinctly different 87 grain soft point bullets, just in the first box I opened!

The brass is all re-formed 30-06 Lake City military brass. Okay, I have used that stuff as well. It's got headstamps from many different years, mostly in the 1950's.

Other than being large primers, I have no idea what primers are in those cases.

At one point I'd hoped I could maybe salvage the ammo and use it myself. Now, I'm just dumping the powder charge and discarding the brass after punching out the primers.

Haven't made up my mind for sure on the bullets, but I suspect that I'll toss them out as well. They're coming out fine, thanks to the RCBS collet-type bullet puller, but, they don't really fit for how I use my 25-06, and I have no shortage of bullets for it.

So, if anyone wants the Barnes TSX bullets or the assorted .25 cal soft points, let me know.

I think the big lesson here for me, just reinforced my practice, LABEL the doggone handloads we produce! :mrgreen: And, maybe take care to load consistent ammo, not a crazy mix of brass & bullets...

Good friend gave 'em to me and he died recently. I accepted the ammo as a gift, but... I think I'm doing the shooting world and myself a favor by dis-assembling that ammo.



Sep 27, 2010
Yes, a good reminder for sure...I can't always remember exactly how I loaded them. The load card inside the box does though!


Sep 10, 2006
Had the same experience with some old TSX 100 grainers. Still got 30 bullets in the box and ten rounds reloaded YEARS ago. Those thing Bled copper. Should pull them too. CL