Leade-What's it Look Like?


Apr 27, 2014
I've got a problem child. The reason I ask, I have a fairly expensive 270 that from the get go coppered up more than my other rifles. Moreover, it doesn't shoot as well as others have that I've talked to that have the same rifle. But, that for later.

I took my Hawkeye tonight and looked at the bore and the only troublesome spot I saw was at the leade. For about 1/16th inch it looked like an alligator's back. It could have been less than that but with a magnifier it's hard to tell but it was noticeable.

Would you send it back to Winchester for a look see?

Accuracy wise I have a 1952 M70 in the same caliber that will shoot circles around this one. I also have a 2012 M70 7x57 that will also and doesn't copper up like this one and in neither does the leade look like heat cracks or alligator backs.
"Alligator back" is just like what an eroded barrel throat looks like.

Over more and more shots, it progresses farther and farther down the tube. It can cause excessive jacket material to be stripped off the bullet and more copper fouling in the barrel.

I've replaced several .308 Win barrels as accuracy fell off. All of them had that "alligator back" scaling appearance in the throats.

This rifle has only seen about 250 rounds, bought it last year. It's the JOC Tribute rifle.
In just 250 rounds? I could maybe see that if it was 2500 rounds or more.
ColColt":30rh6ag4 said:
In just 250 rounds? I could maybe see that if it was 2500 rounds or more.
It's going to depend on a number of factors.
The quality and temper of the barrel among them as well as the loads being shot from that barrel.

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