Let a couple of old shotguns go...

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Took two shotguns to the local gunshop today to put on consignment. I can't use them anymore, and could use the cash, but they tug at my heart.

First is a 12 ga Ithaca Model 37 pump action that I remember Dad using when I was a little fellow. He gave it to me decades ago. It's a full choke. I used it for pheasants a few times, and also for some trap shooting. Did reasonably well with it. Beautiful wood!

Second is a 28 gauge Winchester Model 12 skeet gun.... Ya, if you know your shotguns, this is a gem. It was given to me by grandpa when I was a lad of 10 years, and I've now owned it for 50 years. Only used it sporadically over the years. It was deadly on pheasant and not so much on duck. I suspect that was my fault, not the shotguns fault! :) I'd put this one as "very good" due to the light use of a pre-64 Winchester Model 12 skeet gun, in 28 gauge.

What happened is that my area, central Washington, has largely become "non-toxic shot only" meaning that these old shotguns are pretty much useless here. I have to hunt with steel shot (or other non-lead shot) even for chuckar, quail, and pheasant. So, these two wonderful guns have become useless. I'm more of a user than a collector, so off they go. Someone will want them.

They'll be on Gunbroker soon.

When they're available, I'll post a link in the Classifieds section.



Nov 25, 2013
Guy, that 28 ga sure sounds sweet. I can feel your pain.

Too bad you are south of the border...

What will it be selling for?


Oh man....

I can sympathize. My much beloved Model 12 in 12ga would be a duck killing machine in the era before magazine plugs and steel shot. Now I just take it out seldom to crack a load of soft shooting seven and half after some sharp tails in the late season.

As little as you might take that lovely little 28 out, I'd likely invest in some Hevi-shot ($40 a box!) or just say to heck with it and shoot steel...

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
I'm sure the 28 gauge will bring a fair chunk of change. Depends on how enthused the Winchester collectors get when they see it.

Am afraid to run steel through it and ruin/bulge the barrel.

So, since I haven't shot it in 20+ years, it's gone.


Dr. Vette

Apr 16, 2012
I know what you mean.
We went pheasant hunting on Saturday, and I took my 1953 Browning A5, fixed modified choke. I shot lead through it even though the preserve "requests" non-toxic, because I'm not about to ruin the gun. My son and his friend shot steel through my 11-87s and did fine.


Sep 10, 2006
Guy- wish you luck with the sales. Certainly understand the qualms as Mom is asking me to find values for Dads guns in preparation for sale. Its a hard thing....but what am I gonna do with 'em? Dad was a big man. Im skeered to stand behind that big 7 MAG anyway. :) CL