Look what I found

There are some for sale on LRH like those.
Anyone have a clue what years that particular box was used?
I have 100 of the 7mm 160’s that were made on the screw machines. I doubt I’ll ever load them but have them if needed. Old bullets and boxes are really cool to find at yard and estate sales.
Pretty sure that those bullets are older than you Lefty! :)

Not older than me though... :(

Laughing here. Those are cool. I've got a couple of boxes of old Noslers that look like that in 6mm, 30 cal and 375.

Wow thanks for posting this. I bought a 257 improved in a 98 Mauser sometime back and did not trust the reloads that came with it, so I pulled them. Some were marked as 117 Sierra's, and then there was some that I didn't know what they were, actually thought there was something wrong with them. Now I know!