Looking for pet loads for 300 WSM.I’m shooting a model 70 30


Dec 26, 2016
Saturday tried 150 partitions, I didn’t have any good groups. Used RL19.

Today, used 165 SST’s and IMR 4350, Andrew had one group at 0.6”, so good enough to hunt if it replicates.

Today also tried SGK 165 and RL 22.
Nothing was close on that load.

Going to load up the SST same as the good group(about 3000fps).

I’ll try the SGK with IMR 4350 and see if it behaves.

I’m sure given time, I’m pretty sure I can get them all working.

If I don’t have it working, my sons will hunt my 3006 which is ready to go.

The 300 WSM belongs to my son, all is ammo got wet. We have a 4831sc recipe that worked in the gun. I just don’t have 4831 sc or even 4832.

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W760 has been the easier for my in 300wsm and 325wsm to find good loads with 180’s. I was mid range in the nosler book, don’t have the data where I’m at now

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This is the 165 SST with 65.5gn IMR4350

This was the SGK with 72.7 gn RL 22
It might have potential if I played with the jump. (0.02” on this load)

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I get great results with Hybrid 100V- 64.0gr with a 180 AccuBond give me 2900 and change and sub MOA.

SD and ES numbers in the single digits make it tough to beat.
The load with the 165 grain SST looks quite promising.

I gather than you have RL19, RL22 and IMR4350 on hand. Just reviewing my notes of multiple loads, here are a few that have worked well for me.

WW case, WLRM, Hornady 180 grain SP, 66.5 grain RL19

WW case, WLRM, Hornady 180 grain IB, 65 grain IMR4350

WW case, WLRM, Swift 180 grain AFrame, 69.5 grain RL19

I tended to focus on heavier bullets in my 300WSM, which seemed to give me excellent results. I've loaded for at least twenty different rifles chambered in this cartridge, and my "go to" test bullet was always the 180 grain Hornady SP. With a medium burn rate powder (IMR4831, IMR4350, RL19) I was always able to obtain excellent accuracy across a wide variety of platforms.
agree completely with Dr. Mike on the heavier bullets. I use the Sierra 180 grain SPBT with RL 17 in my rifle and the groups are very satisfying. The 180 grain Partition also works extremely well with RL 17. Both bullets are used with 64 grains. I found velocity to be right around 3030FPS out of a 24 inch barrel.
Thanks Mike. I’m writing that one down.

My son hasn’t hunted a couple years so kinda rushing to get it hunt-able on Sunday. Worse case he’ll hunt my 3006 which is well behaved.
Needs to be MOA to 200. The deer move a lot there, so a tough bullet like a Partition or AB would be the best ticket.

Got the double whammy of a flood that hit reloading room(and the rest of the house), but I lost a nice stash of primers, tools, ammo and notes. I managed to find 200 CcI Mag rifle primers...so I have plenty for load development. We have a small HW store that carries reloading supplies, I’ll see if they have the Hybrid 100v. I think over lunch I’ll float his barrel... so I’ll get that variable off the table. It’s doesn’t behave as my 300WM, I think the 300 WSM has a better reputation for being well behaved. I do have the 180AB’s
Love those in the 300WM. I’d think I should get them shooting in the WSM.

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My "go to" powder throughout the years has been IMR4831, which doesn't appear to be accessible for you. Reviewing my notes, I see that I did work up a good load with ABs.

WW case, WLRM, 180 grain AB, 64 grains H414

I did work with 165/168 grain bullets, and they did perform well--just not as well as the heavier pills.

WW case, F210M, 168 grain TSX, 63 grains Big Game

WW case, WLRM, 168 grain E-Tip, 65 grain IMR4350

In any case, these are a couple of more loads that may be helpful for you.

That is great help!

I do have RL17,19,22, and 26. Big Game, IMR 4350, I did score a # of H4831sc.

Bullets I have, 180 AB and Partitions
Sierra ProHunter’s in 180
Hornady SP 180
Barnes TSX 168

Thank you all!

I have a little black book of reloading recipes from people I trust their loading skills, and I put all of these in the book.

I think it helps to have some data points on what worked for others .. I still work a load from bottom up, nonsense in losing an eyeball or cheek.

My wife finds it humorous that my little black book on the night stand is reloading recipes ... tends to be where I’m reading.

Those Barnes, I need to get those working in something.

Optimistic to today’s range session will be a winner.

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The 300 WSM was built around W760. I have always had my best results with it. Full case and mag primers. Load data has become a bit too conservative over the last few years. I have data from early 2001 that is 2-3 gr higher than listed data today. My 150gr BT load is a full grain higher than Hodgdons max now. I have zero pressure signs in 2 different rifles.
To your point about conservative loads
I bought Nosler’s third edition at an online used bookstore. $10 delivered.
Unfortunately it’s old enough the more modern cartridges didn’t exist back then. No WSM, Noslers, CM.

Just to get those older data points Incase I can make them safely operate.

I’ll get the W760 powder. Heard many good things about it. I have a W748 on the shelf and I don’t think I’ve ever worked up a load for it.

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A little late to the party here. Two basic loads that worked for me were several different types of 165 gr bullets and 59-60 gr RL 15 depending on which one. Excellent accuracy, mild recoil and speed around 3050 fps on average. The other load that worked equally well in 2 different 300 WSM's was 69.5 gr H 4831sc and a 180 gr Partition protected point. Again excellent accuracy and speed of 2920 and 2950 fps.
Thank you Gerry, I’ll definitely try those. I tried RL 17,19,and 22, but not 15. I have 2.5 #s of that... I have another related thread on floating a barrel. These loads may come in handy for me.

It’s kinda weird. I’m one MOA or less vertically, but 3-5 Horizontally. Could be the stock, or the scope. I have a plan for getting on track at lunch today.

I am trying 180’s today...

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Good luck shooting today. I did also try RL 15 with 150's but focussed on the heavier bullets. One really nice thing about the 300 WSM is it can handle a wide variety of powders including some surprisingly fast burning ones.
Well, those loads are showing promise. That effort has to be a grin on your chin.
Yes sir. Since I was short cutting load development a bit, I did 60, 62, Andrew 64 grains of H414 on the NAB. Each group was roundish And each step they got better.

The interlock, my steps were smaller.64.5, 65.5 and 66.5. That was the middle one. The other two loads I had that horizontal spread probably. But vertically less than 1”.

I think they both show potential. I liked the NAB’s grouped and it shrunk with speed.

However, I still had some of the same


Those drive me nuts.

I tried to get the rifle cleaned before that shooting session. Worked on it until 1 am and was still getting copper out of it. I’ve run 200+ patches through over 2.5 days. I think it will be clean by end of day.

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