Low to mid node success with 6 Creedmoor


May 10, 2009
Anyone been shooting a 6 CM with 105 gr range of bullets in the 2800-2900 fps range with good accuracy? Plan to build new rifle/cartridge off my Rem700 SA in either 6 Dasher or 6 CM. It's a floorplate gun in a McMillan stock so worried about Dasher feeding good.

Don't need 3060-3100 fps from CM case, want to shoot lower velocities for longer barrel life, less recoil and spotting own shots. Know Creedmoor brass and dies less money than Dasher stuff but would like to know if there's guys out there with low-med node success in Creedmoor. Want to shoot 1/2" or under at 100 yards. Thx !