M70 325WSM


Dec 24, 2006
Had this rifle for awhile. Just kinda getting around to loading for it. Had a pile of 180 BTs so I decided to give them a whirl. Might be worth carrying a bit for bucks.

While I like the P64’s a bit more these aren’t 1/2 bad either.
Try the 220gr Sierra and RL17. I got 2850fps with 66 grains out of a 24" barrel on my Kimber. It shoots 1/2" groups consistantly. The better BC will make up for moving a little slower. It's a Hammer!

I sure loved my 325WSM Featherweight, Scotty. I did sell it last fall. The guy that bought it tagged a great elk the very next day. That is one sweet cartridge. I settled on a 200 grain PT that managed to take down everything I ever encountered when carrying the rifle.
I will check them out Scott. I’ve been meaning to grab a few boxes of them.

I remember you had great luck with yours Mike. Pretty nice rifle. I’d bet the heavier stuff helps it shine a bit more at longer ranges as well.
Now that I'm not loading for this cartridge any longer, I'm certain that the 180 BT and a few other bullets would have preformed very well. I still have my 8X68 which should shine with a 180 grain BT. And I just verified that I have four unopened boxes of that precise bullet on my shelves! Perhaps something to do to take my mind off other matters.
My best load, which was only carried for a short while due to difficulties in obtaining the propellant I needed here in Canada was:

WLRM, 200 grain PT, and 64.0 grains of Big Game--2882 +/- 10 fps and 0.31 MOA

The load I wound up carrying was:

CCI250, 200 grain PT, and 64.5 grains of H4350--2745 +/- 12 fps and 0.34 MOA

As I've stated, it accounted for moose, elk, mule deer and black bear. All expired quite readily when introduced to that particular load.
Thanks for the info as I hadn't tried Big Game in particular.

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That came together nicely. Good looking rifle and good shooting also.

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I don't recall seeing this one, but man alive does it look like it can bring the goods!
Man I’ve always been intrigued by the 325 wsm. Out of all the wsm line up I thought it was the most needed out of all of them. That’s a great looking and shooting rifle there buddy. That would take anything on this continent and not bat an eye. You should carry it this season I’d really like to see some pics of its on game performance.

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Scotty - that's a great looking rifle, and apparently somebody knows how to shoot it too... (y)

Heck ya, carry that Winchester!

I love me a Model 70!

Like others here I’ve always been curious about the .325 WSM having played around quite a bit with the .270 and .300 versions.

I have owned two 8mm Rem Mags over the years.

The 200 grain AccuBond or 220 grain Gameking might well be the ticket.

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