Making head way

Very handsome. Looks to be eminently functional and thought out very nicely.
Well besides filling a few holes a little sanding and paint it's done. Oh yea need to get some real power. Running everything of extension cords.
I'm tired this little room took a lot of work. I'm going to sit my ass down and enjoy the rest of the race

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It looks quite functional and rather handsome. I'm certain you will enjoy the room. Give us a peek when you have your equipment set up.
Just a little bling for my drawers

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Momma is getting excited. I will be getting all my reloading stuff out of her living room.

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Funny how our ladies are like that. Can't imagine why they wouldn't be thrilled to have some reloading equipment in the living room or the dining room.
Was suppose to be more grayish. On the bright side if my old ass has another baby boy I have a nursery.

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Momma kicked me out just in time for this place to come open.

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Appears to have been well designed and well stocked. Congratulations.
Looks great. Everything is right at your finger tips from the Captains chair.

Thank you all for your great encouragement. I'll hopefully get my electric squared away this weekend. I think I'll sit there tonight after work and get some brass sized up and finally get to enjoy all that work.

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Beautiful job, I too like lot of bright white paint in my loading room. Sure helps these old eyes with the finer details.

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