Mandela Question


May 26, 2012
I know this isn't a hunting question but I'm wondering how the recent death of Mandela will change South Africa?

To make this a hunting question I ask, what, if any, changes will come about to the hunting and tourism industry of South Africa now? Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Jerry has ask me not to respond either in detail or with my thoughts and opinions on this topic, and I agree with him.

I am not sure some of you fellows realize, that many other people, from different walks of life, read these forums, and they are not all hunters or with the same common interest or goals in mind.

We work with different agencies and governments on humanitarian projects, and we need all the support we can get sometimes to accomplish what, on the surface, seems like a simple goal of getting medicine, water and food to those that need it, especially the children.

Obviously I am not in the same league as Melissa Bachman or as well known. But if your not aware of the outrage she created from her successful lion hunt, you should look it up. Some have even suggested that her picture and tweet would have been easier to accept if she had shot a lioness.

As I am sure most of you know the country of Botswana will discontinue hunting in 2014, others could follow. South Africa was down last year ( 2012 ) in hunting revenue, mainly from the decrease in Rhino hunts, however there was an increase in Lion hunts, but it did not make up for the shortfall in Rhino hunts.

I apologize for not being more straight forward and out spoken on this subject. My husband and children will tell you that staying quiet about a subject, is not my nature, but in this case I am afraid Jerry is correct. Those last three words were hard to say (-:
RSA will likely not change drastically in its relationship to hunters. Mandela had little immediate impact on political decisions during the past several years. Whether the country maintains his attitude of forgiveness, and by extension, tolerance of foreign hunters, lies in the imponderables of God. That there will be change is a given, so long as mankind directs the affairs of state for any nation.

Congratulations, Aleena. See, it wasn't so hard to say those three little words, was it?
Thank you Aleena and Mike for your replies.

I am quite aware of Melissa's controversy. You could go so far as to call me a supporter of Melissa Bachman. :) I fear that things will change, and not for the better, at a rate that I am unable to keep pace with if I desire to hunt Africa. I thought I had a trip worked out but that fell through. So, back to the drawing board and try again.

Most of the world seems to be changing in a way that I don't see as viable or sustainable. Old ways and traditions are being lost with no better change to replace what was lost. This saddens me for I see society accomplishing nothing but reinventing the wheel.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas.