Meprolight FT Bullseye sight


Sep 30, 2004
My dad recently started having more and more trouble focusing on pistol sights as his eyes age. I happened upon this FT Bullseye sight and thought it might be good for him.

The FT Bullseye is a unique pistol sight that almost acts like a micro red dot. There is no front sight to look at only the rear to focus on. The way it works is when looking directly at it you can see a lit dot surrounded by a lit circle. If you are off center the dot and circle are not visible. In effect it's like lining up conventional sights but only having one to focus on one plane.

I talked him into trying one on his glock 30. After getting used to it he really liked it. It was fast, and accurate in self defense scenarios.

Based on his experience with the sight I decided to try one on my shield 45. I found one on eBay for a good price and got it last week.

First impressions where that it was very cool. After a short trial period it came up very well and worked great in all light conditions. When shooting it I was a little put off with how much it covered the target. I quickly figured out you have to use this like a red dot. Keeping both eyes open and letting you off eye to fill in behind the sight in your head. I got where I was able to shoot very well at 7-12 yards. Keeping shots centered in the standard silhouette style targets. I normally shoot with a 6 o'clock hold so this took a little getting used to.

I'm currently carrying this as my EDC. I'm pretty impressed, during low light it is unbeatable. I think it's definitely worth a look if any of you are looking for s good low light carry sight.




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Nov 8, 2006
Most interesting. I can see the possibility of this sight finding its way onto one of my handguns.